Whatever smartphone, from whichever platform you are using or will use in the future, you are going to play games at a particular point in time. I have seen so many people who like to brag about only using their smartphone for using “useful” apps where even they have a love affair with a racing game or two on the side. For those racing games lovers, our team has asserted the Best Android Racing Games that are going to appeal any gamer; casual or hardcore.

Below is the list of 10 Best Android Racing Games install your favorite racing game and enjoy

10. Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

For not being a real racing game as opposed to the misleading name, it is still a game where you drive vehicles on a whacky set of sides roller terrains. The game is not 3D, and you won’t find that big of a competitive edge. The real joy in playing Hill Climb Racing is just going unlocking amusing vehicles, terrains and seeing how far you can manage to drive. The gum can get pretty difficult as you try to score better. Obviously, the funny way in which your car or school bus would crash is an added stress reliever.
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9. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp

GT Racing

GT Racing 2 does a lot of good that you would expect of a particular racing game, but sometimes there is an X factor that is just not quite there. Anyway, if you are even a little of a car enthusiast or a man for one, then you would have a lot to do in this game as there are so many cars and nice tracks to sink your teeth in. The racing aspect is also magnificent, and you can use assist to be a little safer. What makes this game one of the best racing games on the market is the cheaper in-app purchases compared to its counterpart along with a cool AI system.

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8. CSR Racing

CSR Racing

CSR Racing is to drag racing what Michael Schumacher is to Formula 1. You not only get to compete in high-intensity drag races, but you also have over 90 licensed cars to choose from. The in-app purchase method has rung popular with many locations and CSR gaming is one authentic, lifelike game that you can try your hand on. The CSR Racing mechanism does run on a “gas resource” system while there are in-app purchases to enhance your gaming experience.

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7. Need for Speed™ No Limits

Need for Speed No Limits

The Need for Speed No Limits is another automotive brainchild of Electronic Arts and does a lot better job than its predecessor on smartphones, Need for Speed Most Wanted. What makes it one of the Best Android Racing Games is the game’s unique emphasis on short, intense races that rely on the clever usage of drifting, drafting and NOS. The winning leads to winning parts or blueprints that can modify your cars or get you a new one altogether. A smart usage of the fuel system and ability to win premium products through daily activities is also a big bonus.

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6. Fast & Furious: Legacy

Fast Furious Legacy

Fast & Furious Legacy has outdone itself when compared to its previous instalments on Android and iPhone. The reason this app is one of the Best Android Racing Games on Android is that of the large balance in action and simulation of the movie franchise. There are a ton of races to choose from with typical circuit races, drag racing and even drifting events. You also get to unlock up to 50 awesome customizable cars. The free version of the game has time limiters but it makes it more worthwhile in my opinion as you desperately wait to get back in the match.

Google play 10 Best Android Racing Games

5. Riptide GP2

Riptide GP

Usually playing the gimmicky games with boisterous features is only a chore. Most games of this genre are all flash and no substance. Riptide GP2 transcends that limitation to provide stunt-filled action on a finely controlled wave runner game. There are many racing events in the campaign mode, and the biggest boon is the real-time multiplayer system. The Google Play Achievement system’s progress stored in cloud storage.

Google play 10 Best Android Racing Games

4. Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing

top speed

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing game is one of the Best Android Racing Games on the market because it provides the best drag racing experience on Android. You have a 69-car grid to explore in this world with police vehicles and customized cars as well. You get to drive in five different districts, so there is a huge locale to choose from.

Google play 10 Best Android Racing Games

3. Asphalt 8: Airborne


Asphalt 8: Airborne lives up to its hype as well as its title. It gives you the ultimate airborne experience with the kind of aerial stunts that you wouldn’t have dreamed of doing with a car. The racing is very fast paced with nitrous, stunts and random achievements that make it ragingly-fulfilling. The tracks can be a little tricky to get through with shortcuts and whatnot, but the game is a real knockout; especially with its cool graphics and exciting gameplay.

Google play 10 Best Android Racing Games

2. Real Racing 3

real racing

Real Racing 3 brings the right in racing and if you crave the reality and want to get away from “absurdity” of racing games with no continence for car damage and lack of car control. What gives RR3 its wings are the T rendition of real cars that is unmatched by other games. It gives you the most realistic racing experience that is on mapped tracks that are from the real world. The online multiplayer system is good and there is also time-shifted multiplayer. One can progress through the game but to get the by at certain points, one needs to spend gold in the game which a player needs to be frugal with. The in-app purchases are the only let down of this game because of which it is not on the top of the list. Who wants to buy and fully customize single Koenig egg Regina when it is going to cost you over $200 worth of in-game gold?

Google play 10 Best Android Racing Games

1. Traffic Rider

traffic rider

It is Ironic that the only game on our list that has a bike gets the top rating, but such is the excellence of this match. Despite not technically being a racing game it is still one of the best racing games out there. The reason for that is its mission-oriented progress in the career mode and the ability to unlock brilliant bikes. It also has an infinite mode where you drive until you crash. Sounds simple. However, simple is good here as the no-nonsense, greatly-controlled driving experience and superior graphics makes it an incredibly addictive experience.

Google play 10 Best Android Racing Games

Final word’s

We have cooked up a top-notch selection of apps that you can indeed categorize as the best of the Best Android Racing Games on Android Devices. Now it is up to you to try or pass on them.