The smartphone has become everyone’s need and Android is the most famous smartphone operating system. Through Android, you can make your daily life easy and more comfortable. Security is an important thing for your smartphone. Everyone want to protect their smartphone data secure. Android phones provide a large number of apps but, we are worried about security. Sometimes children want to play the game on your android phone and delete your sensitive data mistakenly. For making your Android phone secure, now many different types of app locker are available. These apps give privacy, and you can easily keep your data secure and safe. Here is a list of 10 best app lockers for Android 2017. Through these app lockers, you can protect your apps with the password. These have amazing features, hope you will find the secure app for your Android in this article.



Hex Lock screen -Best App Lockers For Android

Hexlock is free and best app lockers for Android 2017. This app automatically locks your phone, when it connects with other network or location. Parental Control is one of the best features in which nobody can delete your data phone without your permission. This app has latest fingerprint lock features which provide more security. Hexlock app has been downloaded 1 million times.

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9.App Locker-Lock Any APP

App Lock

APP locker is also included in our list of 10 Best App Lockers for Android 2017. It has unique features like it locks your messaging on every messaging app like what’s app, Facebook, Messenger, Skype, Email, Twitter, and snap chat. You also can lock your private photos and videos as well as incoming and outcoming calls. The one more excellent feature is offline security password restoration, and this feature is found in very few apps. It had the best rating on play store and downloaded 100 thousand times.

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8.App Lock Pattern

App Lock Pattern

App Lock pattern is the simple but powerful app lockers for Android 2017. Software developed this security app. It takes care of your emails, SMS, calls, photos and many other apps. You can use at least four-digit pattern code. The most important feature of this app is sound an alarm which alerts you when anyone tries to unlock your phone without your permission. It had the best rating on google play store and downloaded 5 million times.

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7.Clean Master

Clean Master

Clean Master One of most optimizing and modern cleaner of your Android phone. It provides the privacy and protects your phone from malicious threats. You can lock your important apps with pattern code. Clean master has intruder selfie feature which takes pictures when anyone enters the wrong pattern after many attempts. Clean Master is also included in our list of 10 Best App Lockers for Android 2017.Clean master has many features like memory boost, antivirus, CPU cooler, battery saver and much more. It has been downloaded 500 million times from Google play store.

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6.ES APP Locker

ES APP Locker

ES group developed this app locker for Android, and it is number six in our list of 10 Best App Lockers for Android 201.7 It protects your data and provides many features. It is very simple and easy to use the app. ES has two ways of lock application pattern and password. The best thing of this app locker, it consumes less battery and fast speed. It is very cool app lock for android which has been downloaded 1 million times from Google play store.

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5.Perfect AppLock

Perfect AppLock

The Perfect AppLock is one of best App Lockers for Android; you can lock with the pattern, pin, or gesture. You can lock your important apps such as what’s app, Skype, Twitter, Email, Gallery, etc. It gives a unique feature Stealth mode in which app become invisible from the launcher. This app locker has advanced screen filter option so that you can manage screen brightness and apps. You can hide SMS, incoming and outgoing calls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB connection, etc. 5 million users have installed this app from play store.

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4.App Lock And Gallery Hider

App Lock And Gallery Hider


Another best app locker for android 2017 with excellent features. You can protect almost any app on your phone like Gallery, SMS, contacts, Gmail, what’s app, messenger, Dialer. You can also secure your excellent apps like Uninstall, Settings, Task Manager, Force Stop, incoming calls, SD Card, etc. So, it is high performing app locker which has downloaded 1 million times from play store.

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3.Leo Privacy Guard

Leo Privacy Guard

Leo Privacy Guard is another trusted App locker for Android. It comes with advanced features and one of the best features; it can automatically lock and unlock the selected apps by desired location and time. This app locker also has an anti-theft feature so you can access your smartphone from anywhere. Through this high-security app, you can lock every app on your phone like Facebook, SMS, call log, gallery, etc. Rating of this app locker on Google play 4.3/5 and has installed 50 million.

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2.Smart App Lock

Smart App Lock

Another best app lockers for Android 2017 is Smart App Lock which comes with really smart features. Through this app, you can lock the apps by using a password or can use a pattern. This app supports almost 30 different languages, and over 10 million people have installed this app. The most interesting feature of Smart App Lock, it can take a picture of the individual who tries to unlock your device. You can lock your media files also lie audio, video, photos even you can lock specific photos and images.

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1.App Lock

App Lock- Best App Lockers for android

pp Lock is one of best App lockers for Android 2017 which supports over 24 languages. It has rating 4 on google play store and has been downloaded 100 million times from it. DoMobile Lab developed this Locker. It provides the security of your phone application and data with the password. You can lock your SMS, Gmail, Gallery, Settings, and even Calls app with this app. It is very easy to use and gives different colorful themes with lock protection. If you forget the passcode sometimes, you can easily reset using the recovery email address.

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We conclude from this article Android phones come with basic security options but, lack a lot of advanced ones. Above the list of best App lockers for Android 2017 provide the best security services for your apps and save from wrong hands.

List of Top 10 Best App lockers for android 2017  

Sr. NoName of AppDownloads
1App Lock100,000,000
2Smart App Lock10,000,000
3Leo Privacy guard50,000,000
4App Lock &Gallery hider1,000,000
5Perfect App Lock5,000,000
6ES App Lock1,000,000
7Clean Master500,000,000
8App Lock Pattern5,000,000
9App Locker-Lock Any APP100,000