Android Go The Lightweight OS for Cheap Devices

Google I/O 2017 conference has just held some days before. In the conference, the Google has made many announcements regarding the new products, projects, researches, plans and decisions. One of the announcements which Google made at the conference was the plan to release the new OS named “Android Go”.

The Google shared the purpose of the Android Go at the Google I/O 2017. It is purely designed for the cheap or low budgeted mobile phones. According to the Google, the Android operating systems are much sophisticated now so, for the cheap mobile phones, Google has developed the Android Go.

it is a lightweight OS so; it can run on the cheaper mobile phones with low capacity hardware even with 512 MB of RAM and Google has planned that all the Android devices with RAM of 1 GB or less, instead of a full version of Android O, will only run the Android Go in them.

Optimized Apps

Optimized Apps

Google has been working for so long to improve its operating system and apps for the users, having the low powered cheap devices and weak or unreliable connections. To use less memory and data, Google optimized its apps first, but now Google has expanded its focus towards the OS. In this regard, Google shared a version of the light weighted OS called Android Go in its annual developer conference. This lightweight OS has the ability to run on the cheap devices with the memory, less than 1 GB. The Google is planning the final release of the OS in 2018, after that, the manufacturers will start making the handset with this light weighted Android OS.

Difference Between Android Go and Android O?

Difference Between Android Go and Android O

Android Go is the lighter version of Android OS than Android O. Both operating systems let you access the Google Play Store to download the third-party apps but with the Android Go you will have only the apps which are optimized and support the cheap device with low capacity hardware like the RAM less than 1 GB. The apps should not be over 10 MB in size.

YouTube Go is one of the apps for the lightweight OS. Unlike the full version of the YouTube app for the Android O, the YouTube Go lets you watch the view of the video before start loading the video. So, in this way, it helps you to use the less data even if you have an unreliable connection. You can monitor the data usage using the Android Go in the notification panel. While you cannot monitor the data usage in the Android O as simply.

Android Go Release Date

Google has announced the possible release date of Android Go in the annual developers’ conference Google I/O 2017. According to the Google Plan, hope so Android Go will be released by the end of 2018. It is not confirmed yet, what will be the targeted market for the Android Go based devices sale.