Assault Android Cactus - The Best Android Shooter Game

A fascinating and popular game among young and elders now a day is Assault Android Cactus. Assault Android Cactus is a shooter game with a theme of science fiction universe. Assault Android Cactus is a very engaging game as all the age groups enjoy the game and fond of it equally.

The name of the game Assault Android Cactus is the name of the hero character of the game “CACTUS”. The game first released in 2013 by a team of three people called “which beam”. The game looked incomplete at that time as many things looked to get some improvement at that point. Later the new version of Assault Android Cactus released in Sep 2015. That was the finished version of the game.

Assault Android Cactus has not made under a game studio. It developed by an individual team of three people in Brisbane Australia. The game powered by the gaming engine UNITY. Assault Android Cactus is developed for Windows, Linux and OS X with a planned release for PlayStation WiiU and Vita and PlayStation 4. Assault Android Cactus version for PlayStation 4 released digitally on 8th of March 2016.

User Interface

Assault Android Cactus has a very pleasant user interface. The game developed in Unity engine so has not a lot of options to select. It has a user-friendly interface you can easily understand the game interface and all the options. The control of the game is not very complex as all the control options are consist of four to five buttons. You can change the video quality and display mode of the game and just click the Apply Changes button.

Audio Track

The thing which makes the Assault Android Cactus more attractive is its audio soundtracks. The sound of the game is given by a very talented professional and is very winning audio track increases the popularity of Assault Android Cactus. You can set the audio sound by selecting the Audio setting option from the user interface.


Assault Android Cactus has not a very sophisticated controls options. The game is developed in Unity engine which is famous for providing the easy controls to the users. Assault Android Cactus also has easy controls. The control consists of four to five buttons. The game also gives you the option of scrutiny via keyboard or mouse. You can choose any option from the change input option.


The characters of Assault Android Cactus are the most interesting and important part of the game. The game has nine characters. The first character is the hero character named “Cactus”. The name of the game is given on this hero character name. Cactus use the Assault rifle and flamethrower as a weapon and is the first hero of the game.

“Holly” is the 2nd character in the game and is one of the heroes of the game. Holly uses the weapons named seeker and cannonball. Both arms are massive and dangerous. The third character of the game is “LEMON”. “Lemon” is one of the stylish heroes of the game. The weapon used by the Lemon in the game are SpreadShot and rocket. The fourth character of Assault Android Cactus is “CORAL”. Coral is the stylish hero of the game and looks very stylish with his weapons named shotgun.

“STARCH” is the fifth character of the game. Starch looks like a robot. He acts like a robot as well. Starch uses the deadly weapons named as LASER and Micro Missile. These five character out of nine characters are available initially. Remaining four heroes remains locked initially. You have to earn the remaining characters by playing the game.

The game consists of 25 stages or level. Initially, only six stages are available remaining stages are locked initially, and you have to unlock them by paying and by scoring high in the game. The game can found on Assault Android Cactus official website. The game is available in $14.99. You can download it for a different platform in various versions.

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Key Features

The game consists of 25 stages or level.

All the steps spread in five different areas of the ship.

You have to earn the characters and the locked stages.

Assault Android Cactus supports joystick and keyboard.

Maximum four people can play the game at a time with local cooperation.

System Rrequirements.

System requirements for Assault Android Cactus are different and depend upon which operation system you are using and which hardware you own. We are giving you the necessary system requirements for Windows.

Minimum Requirements.

  • Operating system: Windows XP
  • Storage: 1 GB space available.
  • Processor: Core 2 Due.
  • Graphics: Intel HD4000.
  • Memory: 2 GB.
  • DirectX: 9.0c version.

Recommended Requirements.

  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Storage: 1 GB space available.
  • Processor: Core i5.
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD6850 or Nvidia Geforce GTX460.
  • Memory: 4 GB.
  • DirectX: 9.0c version.

These are the requirements for the Windows both minimum and to get best experience recommended requirement has to follow. Assault Android Cactus is a fantastic game and has designed for both young and elders’ entertainment. Everyone must have to play this game at least one time we are sure that you will be going to love Assault Android Cactus.