Control Android From PC

Do you want to play your mobile games on a bigger screen? Do you want to display your mobiles videos on a computer screen? To fulfill these dreams, you have to control Android from PC. The question is how can it possible that someone can control Android from PC. Well, we are living in that era which has become technically unyielding and advances by everyday inventions coming out by experts.

Some developers have invented some ways for us to control Android from PC. So, now using those methods and apps you can control Android from PC. You can have full control of your phone from your PC. Now you can enjoy playing the game on your mobile phone but by using a computer screen. You can watch movies on your cell phone but with family now because of the bigger screen. You can even read your text messages and even can reply the messages from using your computer screen.

Control Android from PC has contained much charm in it. You can control your mobile phone using mouse and keyboard without turning on the display of your cell phone on every new notification.

Methods to Control Android From PC

Methods to Control Android From PC


Developers have introduced many methods for you to control Android from PC. We are here to presents two best and most well-known methods to control your Android phones from PC. You just need to follow any one of these two approaches to get the best results to control Android from PC.





To control Android from PC developers have introduced one of the best methods for you, which is MirrorGo. MirrorGo is the most brilliant way to control your Android from PC and let you enjoy the big screen moments. In this approach, you just Mirror your Android phone screen on your desktop. The user can control his mobile phone by using the mouse and keyboard and can enjoy the amazing experience of the bigger screen.

You can have all your notifications, your text messages, all updates notifications on the larger screen. MirrorGo lets you make replies to your text messages by using the keyboard for typing the reply easily. You can avail all the facilities provided by the MirrorGo application by installing the app and connecting your phone to the PC to Control Android from PC.

For installation of MirrorGo, you have to visit the official website of MirrorGo and download the application from there on your PC. Now run the downloaded application on the PC and connect your Android phone to the PC using USB cable and after some time the application will install automatically. You can fully control your phone with your computer once the connection has established between your Android and your PC.

MirrorGo lets you transfer any data from your PC to you Phone. The primary function of MirrorGo is to provide you ease to control Android from PC. A major complaint comes MirrorGo users is, the appearance of the annoying application on ever which is defendable complain as the application is free, so ads help the developer to earn some money.

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ApowerMirror is the powerful application which streams your phone screen to the desktop and let you control Android from PC using mouse and keyboard. This application lets you enjoy mobile games on the bigger screen of PC and use the mouse and keyboard of computers to access the full control of your Android Phone. You will enjoy this program if you compare the advantages of the bigger screen and usage of the mouse and keyboard.

To install the ApowerMirror, you have to follow the following steps.

First, you have to download the app on your computer from the authentic source. Then attach your mobile phone to the computer using the USB cable. Make it sure that you have enabled the USB debugging mode. You will receive a message in a message box, asking for the permission to install the application on your mobile phone. All you have to do is, tap on the Accept option and let the app to get installed on your mobile phone.

When the app installed on your mobile and launched, a notification will appear with a window. Select “Don’t show again” and tap on “Start Now” option. Now the program has activated. Now you can enjoy the bigger screen and can control Android from PC.

For this method, you enabled the Control from PC mode. Now after establishing the connection using USB cable you can now control Android from PC by using a WiFi connection. But for this purpose, you have to fulfill the basic condition. You mobile and your PC, both must be on the same WiFi connection. If they are on the same connection, then you simply launch the application and hit the MIRROR after selecting the WiFi connection mode.


Many Android apps have developed by developer’s community are available on the Google Play Store. Those apps are not able to fully control Android from PC. They only offer some features of your mobile phone to display on the computer screen. These two methods explained above are the best methods and let you control Android from PC fully.

You can control your Android phone fully by using mouse and keyboard from your computer and can enjoy the big screen environment by using any of these two authentic and most famous methods to control Android from PC.