Today, I will give you some brief description about 10 best launchers for Android 2017. You will really like these launchers because these launchers give a smart look of your Android.

Google Play store is a home of Android apps and games. You can download launcher apps from play store for your Android. Launchers customize your smartphone and offer you tons of themes and icons. Now, most feature packed and customizable Android launchers are available. You can customize your smartphone through these Android launchers. Android launcher is designed to change the functionality and user interface without any damage to the operating system. It also improves and changes the dock style, transition one screen to another.

10.Arrow Launcher


Arrow is a light and simple launcher which you can install on your Android from play store. It has mixed reviews but has been downloaded 1 million times from play store. Arrow is one of the best launchers for Android. You get a pre-set home screen which shows you things such as reminders, various apps, frequent contacts, and recent documents. In Arrow launcher, you just swipe up the bottom of the screen and reach the system settings.

best launcher for android

9.Line Launcher


Everyone knows about the app Line Messenger which is similar to what’s app but, now they moved a step up and launched their first Android launcher called line launcher. It is one of the best launchers which is also famous as Dodol. It has cool features like 3000 classy and trendy themes, can see 100 new wallpapers daily, smart widgets like battery and phone booster, high customizable home screen, and comprehensive search. It has become one of best launcher for android 2017. Line Launcher has been downloaded 10 million times from play store.

best launcher for android

8.Action Launcher


Action Launcher is an adventurous and best launcher for android 2017. It is highly customizable launcher with unique features. Quick theme features use your background to determine the theme. Quick page, through which you can access everywhere. Besides of these, other features of this launchers are fastest scrollable decks, infinite and elastic scrolling, easy back/ restore, etc. Action Launcher got the best rating on google play store. It has been downloaded 1 million times.

best launcher for android

7.Launcher 8


Launcher 8 is one of best windows launcher for Android. It brings features like Windows OS. This launcher changes the icon size and style, home screen and transition effect. Tiles on the home screen are the main attraction. Well, this is one of best launcher for Android 2017, you will never be fed up from this. It has 10 million downloads on Google play store.

best launcher for android

6.Go Launcher Ex


Go Launcher is the best option if you want to see your home screen different and a lot of icons. One of best and popular launcher for Android 2017 which has downloaded 100 million times. It has the broad range of features, but the biggest feature is extensive theming options. The customer can use icons packs in it, and it is easy to use and work well. You get widgets like weather, clock, and calendar.

best launcher for android

5.C Launcher


If you are using the budget Android phone, then it is one of best launcher for your Android. It is a fast search and clean interface launcher. C launcher has Glowing themes and HD wallpapers which are the main attractions. Winsome icons, transition effects, docks, scroll type, grid size and much more makes it best. It’s scored 4/5 on google play store and downloaded 10 million times.

best launcher for android

4.Buzz Launcher

buzz-launcher -Best Launcher For Android

Buzz Launcher is another unique, innovative, and best launch for Android 2016. It has to spin style home screen drawer and also some other amazing features. I am sure; this launcher will amaze you with its speed and response. Buzz has many HD wallpapers, resize icon structure, customizable folders, multiple grids, etc. It scored 4.4 on Google play store and downloaded 10 million times.

best launcher for android

3.Apex Launcher

apex-launcher - Best Launcher For Android

It is one of the most iconic Android launchers which gives the same function as Nova with some different modifications. Apex Launcher has scrollable decks and two types of scrolling effect, one is infinite and other elastic. It is one of best launcher for android 2016 which customize icons, folders, and transition effects. It has been downloaded 10 million times from play store.

best launcher for android

2.Google Now Launcher


In the Android, many things have changed, but Google Now Launcher remains unchanged. One of best launcher for android 2016 which has downloaded 50 million times from play store. In this launcher, you get big G with Google Now. It has heart rendering feature like hot word integration, translucent theming elements, voice searching, etc.

best launcher for android

1.Nova Launcher

nova-launcher- Best Launcher For Android

Nova Launcher is one of best Launcher for Android 2016 which developed by TeslaCoil Software. It is full-fledged home screen launcher and has many features for excellent performance. It has the user interface home screen, app drawers, icons packages, animation with one click, and android clock widgets. Some other amazing features of Nova Launcher are the infinite scroll, fantastic scroll effect, easy back and much more. It has best rating app on play store and has been downloaded 1 million times from play store.

best launcher for android

Top Rated Best Launcher For Android

Sr. NoName of LauncherDownloads
2Google Now Launcher50,000,000
3Apex Launcher10,000,000
4Buzz Laucnher10,000,000
5C launcher10,000,000
6Go Launcher Ex100,000,000
7Launcher 810,000,000
8Action Launcher1,000,000
9Line Launcher10,000,000
10Arrow Launcher1,000,000



We conclude from this article; customization is the important thing of the best Android launcher. If you have fed up with the default design of your Android phone, now you can download any launcher from the top ten best launchers for Android. These give you a new and better look of your Android.