For those who love to enjoy live music sessions now and then, music streaming apps are very important. But it gets irritating when these music streaming apps do not facilitate as required. And among the readers, there would be many who are fed up of reading all the reviews and suggestions, and even then, your cell phone appears boring even with all that internet availability. But here are the top 11 best free music streaming apps.

Now, getting back to best free music streaming apps, here is the list.


deezer Best Music streaming apps

It is no different from the rest of the music apps. It recently added Android Auto support. It comes in both free and paid versions. In the free version, the best way is to play songs in shuffle mode. Frequent advertisements still force you to get its premium version of $9.99 a month.

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10. iHeartRadio Free Music & Radio

iHeartRadio Free Music & Radio Best Music streaming apps

iHeartRadio Free Music & Radio is the one of the best music streaming app. All of those radio station companies that do not stream on any other app, stream channels live on the iHeartRadio App. Being very similar to TuneIn it also plays stations of various kinds. It resembles Pandora in a way that it digs different stations based on a particular band or song. Advertisements are expected in its free version.

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9. TuneIn Radio – Radio & Music

TuneInRadio : best free music streaming apps

In the list of best free music streaming apps, TuneIn has its place. It gives you the experience to stream live radio. So, you cannot make your playlists. 10,000 available stations users are satisfied by this well-managed app.

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8. Pandora® Radio

Pandora-Radio Best Music streaming apps

Pandora is the pioneer of the Internet Radio Apps. It laid the trend of the first radio trend. It is the best among the rest. Although you may think it is stereotypical because it is not the source of on-demand music. It limits your choices. But it does expand your music collection. Its stations are so dynamic that you just require tuning into it and it will provide you with so many songs you cannot even count. All you can do is keep the volume up till you think that’s enough.

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7. SoundCloud – Music & Audio

SoundCloud Music Audio Best Music streaming apps

This app is different from all the other music streaming apps. It plays stereotypical radio-music. It is also perfect for your music library. And one additional feature is that it provides a platform for budding musicians and indie artists. SoundCloud is best for the music lovers as it has a sea of undiscovered music which couldn’t be found anywhere else. So, this app is a must have.

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6.YouTube Music

YouTube Music Best Music streaming apps

Launched by Google in 2015, YouTube Music was developed for users who prefer using YouTube for playing music. According to a survey, music is the most searched content by all the YouTube users. One negative point is that it requires logging into YouTube account before using the app. One surprising feature considering its YouTube background in the account is its audio-only restriction for free users. It also includes a liked songs list based on like videos on your account. The most important feature is that it generates recommendations of the similar songs which you may like. This free but add-supported app provides the facilities of an add-free use and music download for offline backup with a YouTube subscription of $10 per months.

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5. Gaana: Bollywood & Hindi Songs

Gaana: Bollywood & Hindi Songs Best Music streaming apps

You would have heard about this app if you are an Indian. It provides you options to stream the music of the area of your choice, anywhere. All you have to do is to set the language to any local one you desire. You can also save songs and play it live whenever you want. Although it streams music only at 12kbps, you can alter according to your desire. Gaana is number five in the list of best free music streaming apps.

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4. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio Best Music streaming apps

It is one service you usually don’t hear too much about. It is the one which powers Samsung’s Milk music service. We put slacker radio on number four on the list of best free music streaming apps because of its popularity. Like most of the music apps, its free version plays advertisements. But $3.99/month subscription helps you get rid of all the ads.  Another loophole includes its limited song skip option in the free version which gets optimized in the subscribed version.

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3.Google Play Music

Google-Play-Music Best Music streaming apps

Google play app is a must in all of the best free music streaming apps list as it is pre-installed in most Android Smartphones these days. It stands in the top 3 always. Although it holds best in music downloading apps, it is very fine while streaming music online. Its various features include downloading the music from streaming and you can upload your tracks on cloud-locker and listen to it online while streaming. This happens when you aren’t subscribed to it, but when you purchase the app, you get access to Google’s vast variety of songs and albums to stream. The fun part is that you can also create your station.

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2. Spotify Streamer

Spotify-Streamer Best Music streaming apps

Spotify Streamer is a popular app in the world of Music streaming apps, and it is one of the best free music streaming apps. Great music library with station generator makes it a strong choice to have on your Android phone or tablet. It also offers you mood and genre-based categories which help when you are not in a mood to make a playlist. Spotify also offers you search and use a friend’s playlist to increase the choices and let them share the tracks on social media which makes it socially successful. In its free version users have a streaming access for free but with the various advertisement. They can be removed by getting premium version which costs $9.99 monthly.

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1. Just Music Player Pro

 Just Music Player Pro Best Music streaming apps

We put just music player pro app on number one on the list of best free music streaming apps. Being in the front row of the list of the apps to stream music live, just music player additionally allows you to download music as well. This feature makes it favorite for a wide variety of buyers. The buffering and sound quality has been rated the best. The user-friendly app also lets the user improve the quality of song search and play. More than 10,000 plus songs in the app make it a must have music streaming app. The fun part is that you are not restricted to make a choice in the genre of music because of the variety.

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Final Words

Availability of internet calls for its justified use. Keeping the best free music streaming apps list under consideration, you can rock your music addiction. Stream, surf, play and enjoy.