Baby Runner

Baby Runner, Endless City Escape

Baby Runner

Baby Runner is one of the best games for babies who run away from the babysitter in the city. This game has the fun fact that baby is the endless runner and it is different from other games like subway surfer because of babies that are running in pamper :).
There are lot of features in this app like you have to avoid hurdles, trains, and many more things. Secondly, you have to complete words in baby runner game.
Baby Run game is providing ads free version just in 0.99$ for a lifetime, and you can also purchase a bundle of coins 15000, 30000 and 60000 coins just in 3.99$ maximum. After buying coins, you can make the highest score in endless baby runner game, and try to escape from the city if you stuck in hurdles by purchasing one more life by spending some coins.
Endless city escape runner game has incredible 3D design and looks like a baby environment that is popular for kids as well as in adults too.

Download Baby Runner Endless City Escape runner game and enjoy endless running in the city virtually.

Jungle Survival Run – Endless Jungle Run Survival

Cover art Jungle Survival Run - Endless Jungle Run Survival

Run For your life in the jungle. The new breathtaking fiction jungle run game is here! Enjoy the adventurous run through the strange jungle survival run. Fantasy running game Run for your life. jungle run adventure game is one of the best game on play store . The only way to survive in this jungle is to run, and run fast. You must escape the jungle before its too late. In this best free game, need to run through a rush of the present in the lost temple like a gentleman. You will be ready to run for your life in the beautiful 3d mysterious temple, like a real hero and runner. Run in that way that you feel like a real hero or prince runner in the jungle.

This game has fantastic 3D Graphics and a lot of hurdles that came in the way of crossing jungle like Ninjas and wildlings, and you have to avoid these type things. Make High score by crossing these hurdles and show your score to your friends and challenged them to beat you.