Clash of the Knights

If you are going to play a strategy game then read this article that will help you to choose best strategic games over the internet and will save your time on searching clash games.

Clash of Clans

clash of knights

Worlds number one strategy game is a clash of clans, and this is an editor choice too that have more than 100 million installs. This game is built by Super Cell studio, and its last update was on 15th July.
This game offers in-app purchase to upgrade a new town hall and other things. Millions of players all around the world build village, raise a clan, and defeat in Clan Wars!
You can play this game as a multiplayer by inviting your friends and build your own village. You can start a war against your enemies by joining your alliance and lot of other things you can see in this game.

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Clash of Knights

Clash of the Knights

Another Strategy Game is Clash of knights.
This game is like a clash of empires where you can defeat your enemies who attack to your castle. You have to defend your self by different kind of tower and safety weapons. I recommend this game more because it is simple strategy game to play and you can learn a lot of new strategies like how you can attach and how you can defend your castle.
Currently, the multiplayer feature is not available in the clash of knights but in future, they will add this feature. Play Clash of knight game and share it with your friends and family and learn new strategies.