The days are past when your cell phone was just an instrument of communication and nothing more than that. The consumer now looks for the personal computers and smart devices that are surely coming with a calculator, flashlight, FM Radio etc. It’s certain that the machine you are using is not merely an assemblage of electronic circuits, transistors and chips etc. but a partner assisting you in your personal life and helping you out in your social existence. Playing with the Android tool is the first and productive application of the gadget nowadays. Mobile users now can have a wide variety of utility apps and tools i.e. Do it Yourself (DIY) apps, measurement tools, bar-code readers to name a few. So, how can you make use of that friend with benefits with no thanks to express! We have you get that; here is the list of top 10 best utility apps for Android you must not miss having them downloaded.

Here is a selection of Top 10 best utility apps for Android you will like to install it on your phone and tablet.

1) iOnRoad Augmented Driving

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The app is for drivers and on the road crew helping them out by signal alerts, collision warnings and similar data. The sensors and cameras of your smartphones are used by the app for tracking your speed and distance between you and other vehicles. Visual Radar of the iOnRoad does a great job by assisting you through visual and audio collision warnings, Limiting (speed) alerts and lane departure; thus guiding your way to the office, home or anywhere with safety while managing and reducing risks in your travel. The job of the app is not finished here it also has the systematic provision of recording the users drive as well as equipped with the esoteric program developed to take geotagged snapshots, analytics and other stuff. The app is designed for you, but you must consider your traffic laws before using the application and machine on the machine you intend to drive.

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2) Google Goggles

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Google Goggles is at number two in best utility apps for Android. The app works with your smartphone’s or tablet’s camera to take hold of the information and facts behind a painting, landmark, product, imagery, bar-codes or QR codes if they exist in the databases of Google. All you have to do is to turn on the camera and focus your capture on getting a quick scan; rest will be the job of the Googles to translate the facts, engraved past entries and rest of the painted and published data.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

3) Smart IR Remote – Anymote

Smart IR Remote – Anymote

Smart IR Remote is number 4 on the list of top 10 best utility apps. With an IR inserted inside your Android phone, check out Anymore. This smart application would transform your HTC, Galaxy, LG, etc. into a universal remote device tuning TVs, DVD Players, set top boxes or just about any gadget that receives IR commands. With the program of this SmartIR Remote, the user will be able to create custom remotes for tuning different electronic and infrared devices on with a single tap.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

4) Google Translate

Google Translate

The app turns your computing device into a universal translator; displaying tested text with verbal translations with new suggested versions allowing use to use your mobile’s camera to translate switch between a selection of languages. With up to as much as 90 languages across the world, the translate facility sponsored by Google is growing every day with enhancement of voice, keyboard, camera and handwriting inputs. I like this app very much and recommend you to install it on your phone this is on number four in top 10 best utility apps.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

5) Weather Timeline (Forecast)

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Get ad-free weather forecasts in your device with highly adaptive design and utility. Users are delivered updates and alerts from fair to extreme weather conditions through a variety of data sources. The app is quite handy to save different locations for viewing detailed weather reports daily. Predicting temperature highs and lows, fog, precipitation, rain, storms, et al. Graphics of the app are evenly amazing with a clear and sharper interface, though, the landscape mode of a tablet may give you more cool data stretched side by side.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

6) ViewRanger GPS – Trails & Maps

ViewRanger GPS & Topo Maps

If you are a hiking lover or a country explorer, ready to discover and en route, then try ViewRanger and an offline navigation system with digital mapping trailing you to the destiny safely if not smoothly. The open-source map data with extensive maps courtesy USGS, Acerra and others the app is to entitled. Using GPS can save you maps for offline usage and supply route guides, location sharing, track recording etc.

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7) Bubble Level

Bubble Level

Bubble Level is a quite easy to use app which turns your mobile into a spirit level by using its accelerometer. All you have to do is to lay flat your phone; the app will display the spirit level in x-y coordinates while standing on its side the user will get the flat display. One can get a more accurate reading by calibrating the result with another level, and it is at number seven place from the list of top 10 best utility apps.

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8) Smart Tools

Smart Tools

Smart Tool is a collection of tools, or you say apps are taking advantage of your phone’s sensors to make a variety of measurements. The ruler for length, leveling, measurement app for distance, area, height combined with GPS, compass, sound level meter, magnifier, metal detector, vibrometer and flashlight are offered. So it’s an all in one package used for measurement related tasks as well as other utilities. This app secure number 8 position from the list of top 10 best utility apps for Android. Though the app is more than good with its precision accurate reading and exact scales yet some of the tools need some improvement.

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9) iFixit: Repair Manual


Need you fun to show you repair manuals? You need iFixIt in your phone to drill out various guides providing useful insights on basic repairs relating to cars, trucks, mobiles, tablets, household devices and objects of daily use. From tearing down to applying repairs, you have it all in the solutions provided by the iFixIt. Users can search the possible fixes by category and device models and will have the provision to upload your tear-down and repairs from the application. The online store of the app will give you the necessary tools and missing parts of the objects intended to be fixed.

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10) Mobile Hotspot Router


Here is number 10 from the best utility apps for Android, Mobile Hotspot Router is your easy way to get your mobile phone data shared with other WiFi gadgets. Tethering will share your internet connection i.e. 3G, 4G with your other WiFi devices in just a couple of seconds. All you have to do is to tap the Mobile Hotspot>Setting and then passing the security key after configuration. The next step would be creating your WiFi network and looking for strong available networks near you. The 3.7mb app supports Arabic, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese. Download and spread the internet.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps


By downloading these top ten best utility apps, you will undoubtedly be helped. No doubt, there is significant room to expand the list with scores of applications meant for Android and surely developed for the tech-savvy souls with content taking some more Kbs but won’t help the topic covered. Feel free to share your thoughts in comment slots.