Best VR Headset for Android

 My friend was shocked last night when I told him that tomorrow I am going to meet Barak Obama. He shouted, “where!?” and I said “virtually, but in reality”. He was very impressed as he didn’t know about virtual reality. It is such a magnificent aspect of technology that we are just now beginning to understand and explore. So, let’s talk about virtual reality and best vr headset.

What is a virtual reality?

The virtual reality is self-explanatory in its meaning. Reality means something in real and virtual mean existing in essence or effect though not in actuality.  Virtual reality is a concept with the help of which you can access reality in a virtual sense. By wearing a headset, you go into a separate world which you perceive as real but actually you are not physically present in that world. For example, if you wear a headset right now and just load an Eiffel tower in it, now you will feel like you are visiting the Eiffel tower, and have a view of Paris city around you but it is all figment as you are not physically in Paris.

Beginning of virtual reality

Virtual reality was first introduced by Google. Google launched a device called Google cardboard that revolutionized the physical media as we know it.

It is a type of headset in which you put your phone on the front side of the headset right in front of the mirror of the headset. The device has two lenses which give you an equally divided view of your screen. One for right side eye and other is for left side eye. The video content which plays in that was slightly shifted, a little bit similar to 3D. when you wear, google cardboard and watching a video or playing a game or whatever, you move your head in any direction, and you will feel like you are moving in that direction.

The five best VR headset of Android are.

  • Google cardboard
  • Samsung Gear VR.
  • Habor VR glasses.
  • Homido VR Headset
  • Fiit VR Headset.

Google cardboard

Google Cardboard

This virtual reality based headset launched by Google and it is best vr headset. It is simple in design and easy to use. You just have to adjust your phone in the headset and wear the headset to watch a video or game. You will feel like you are in that game or in that video you are watching in real. But you are not physically present in that. It is the app or the software which make you feel like a real environment. Google headset is the compatible headset for Android based phones and is not much expensive.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

Another best vr headset is Samsung Gear, this headset design is compatible to work with Samsung’s latest smartphones from last year: The Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6, Note 5, Edge +S7 and S7 Edge. All these smartphones have one thing in common which is AMOLED displays with 2560 x 1440 resolution. So, this gives a quite better three-dimensional view than many of the other VR headsets in the market. It is available in market at a reasonable price of £56.25.

Habor VR Glasses

Habor VR Glasses

Habor VR glasses is the new version of harbor VR headset. This headset is very comfortable to wear. The easy-to-fit on the head and the viewer part is made up of leather. Performance vice it is almost equal to other headsets in the market. It is available at a low price of £17 in the market. Habor VR glasses also counting the best vr headset and it shows things near to reality.

Homido VR headset

Homido VR headset

Homido VR headsets is a classy and a very easy to use VR headset. It provides you adjustable lenses and 100° field of view. Also, provide users glass settings like near sight, far sight, normal view. The other advantages of using this headset are that you may use headphones easily and the light cannot flood into the viewer. It is available at a low price of £47 in the market. And is a good option for Android phone users who want to enjoy virtual reality.

Fiit VR Headset

Fiit VR Headset

The price of Fiit VR headset is comparatively less than the other VR headsets in the market, and by price. Flit are best vr headset according to price and it is very popular among the users. Fiit VR headset considered the next evolutionary stage in Google cardboard compatible VR headsets.

It does all the simple operations perform by the other VR headsets in the market. It is available at a very low price of £22.99 in the market. It is one of the best VR headsets for the Android users.

Last Word’s

We choose the best VR headset and give summary of headsets, The next technology which is about to come after virtual reality is Augmented Reality which is entirely going to catapult virtual reality concept into the next level. You can also check Best VR Apps here.

Best VR Headset For Android Phones

1Google cardboard
2Samsung Gear VR
3Habor VR glasses
4Homido VR Headset
5Fiit VR Headset