Download Stick Cricket Android APK

Stick Cricket is one of the most played games on Android phones. And all cricket fans love to play it. It has all the features of a modern cricket game.

And it is the most user-friendly to play. Even a person who doesn’t know anything about cricket can play it easily and can understand it. So, overall, it is good enough for entertainment and making its users’ time full of entertainmen6.

Well to play this game is easy, but to be a master of this game is hard enough. And that makes it cool enough to play,

How to play it:

Stick Cricket is most unusual feature is that it’s just of two-sided touch on the Android phone. One is for off sided shot and other is for a leg-sided shot. So, anyone can easily understand it and play it in full of calm and entertainment.


Stick Cricket was launched in 2006. Its founder is Cann Creative, a company from Sydney, Australia. Well, it was grouped with Advergame, a company from London, England to make it internet played a game.


In Stick Cricket, there are the different type of world cups, where a user has to compete with all the teams and have to make his team win the world cup. And on behalf of his position he can earn game dollars. And with his dollars, he can unlock various high-level players for next world cup. And in it, world cups are in Australia, India like countries, etc.

League tournaments are also there, and a user can play them and have to win them.

All we have to make captain and lead our team.

While other cricket personalities are also there like team manager, match fixer, etc. So, whole cricket related life is available in it.

Internet Connection:

In Stick Cricket game, the user can connect to the internet and play online and in this way, he can either play it with his friends and all worldwide and can test his skills.


After earning many dollars in the game, a user can build his franchise and then create his team and play matches which he wants and tournament too. In other words, he is handling the whole team.


So, overall if we see it, then we have to admit that Stick Cricket is one of coolest game to play and user can be tension free if he plays it and can be out of stress after playing it