Free Portable Wifi Hotspot
Free Portable Wifi Hotspot

We are here today at your service to guide you to the use of a very use full and fruit full application available for free on Google app store. The name of the afore mentioned application is Free Portable WiFi Hotspot. You are not at all a genious for guessing the details and usage or advantages of the application in case you already are familiar with the fact that what actually is a hotspot about. For those of you who do not have got a clue about a hotspot need not to worry as you will all find all the necessary information in this post of ours. So let us just get down to business without wasting another second of your valuable time.

A hotspot is such a device that enables you to gain an easy access of a person’s free internet through it. In this way, one does not necessarily need to have a connection to the WiFi or 3G and 4G etc. Instead you can have a direct access to the internet on your computer or mobo devices without actually having to have a WiFi connection. You can see more utility apps here.

This goal can be achieved by Free Portable WiFi Hotspot. Once you install and download Free Portable WiFi Hotspot on your smart phone, you get is a screen with the details of your smart phone android already available. Yes that is right. You heard correctly or read rather. The name of your smart phone will be written and appeared on the screen already. You do not have to put in the effort to search your model and then write.

What is so cool about that, you ask. Well, Free Portable WiFi Hotspot consumes very less of your data storage area and is really effective. I, for one, am a fan of the app for a number of reasons. It occupies very low storage as mentioned earlier. It allows you to create your own password. Once again you do not have to think and come up with a new different password to make Free Portable WiFi Hotspot work effectively on your android. In this age, when you gotta make a user id and develop a password of your own, not having to think for once is a great blessing as you’ll feel relieved too. So Free Portable WiFi Hotspot makes you at ease with the creator doing the thinking for you for the most part.

Furthermore, it has three dots in the top right corner that show your settings and data usage for the app and such. This is also very beneficial and quite effective. Clicking on the Settings options pops up a screen having symbols on it. Again, no hectic words with tough terminologies and technical lettered words. Go for the symbols. Easy on your memory. Select the symbol for 3G, Incoming, WiFi, Aeroplane mode, Bluetooth, etc etc. What are you waiting for? Free Portable WiFi Hotspot is just the app for you.

Trust me when I tell you this, your android smart phone deservers Free Portable WiFi Hotspot to be installed on it. Who wouldn’t want the right way to access free internet? You would want, won’t you? So wait no more. Install this user friendly app right now and let us know how well you liked it. We are waiting for your valuable feedback.