By comparing of the Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus both phones have the equal resolution in the rear-facing cameras but Google pixel have DxOMark’s highest sensor rating for smartphone cameras. The comparison between the Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 Plus is fascinating. iPhone7 launch some more features while Android have almost same specification except camera

“First Impression is the last impression”

So, our life is all about impression. We struggle day and night just to make one good impression on others, which will be all of our benefits, satisfying our egos. When it comes to technology, we are such a double mind, never know what to choose? Especially when buying Mobile Gadgets. What is best? Which features are the best? Even does it looks good while I take a selfie? We are just so conscious. Recently it is seen there are top two groups of people. One is Google Pixel one, and other are iPhone lovers. We have seen some Vloggers mocking both these gadgets for their features.

Well, we are not going to mock but make a slighter comparison leaving to you to judge which one is best.


Google Pixel vs iPhone 7

Regarding design both Google, Pixel and iPhone 7 have fingerprint sensor feature. These both are solid and beautifully built in design, but Google pixel go with aluminum and glass and fingerprint sensor on the rear while iPhone 7 opts for aluminum with a fingerprint sensor on the home button. iPhone 7 with IP67 makes it water and dust resistant while IP53 in Google pixel means it cannot be submerged. One feature that Handsfree lover (because it makes them Yoo) hate about iPhone 7 is the removal of the headphone jack and replace it with stereo speaker. Google Pixel keeps the speaker on one side and headphone jack on Top. Pixel is 143.8 x 69.5 x 8.6mm in measure and 143g in weight and display using AMOLED while iPhone 7 is not only smaller but also lighter and slimmer, 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm in measures and 138g in weight having a 3D display with LCD.


Google Pixel and iPhone 7

The most awaiting feature in any phone is the Camera because nowadays it’s all about snap chat stories, for which best camera is Woohoo. Google pixel and iPhone 7 have a 12MP camera, but the difference lies with Pixel having higher resolution and iPhone having a wider aperture with the feature of optical image stabilization. Google pixel with dual- LED Flash with Video stabilization, laser detection and phase detection autofocus with an 8-megapixel front camera with 2.4 sensors While Apple put a quad-LED flash with 1.8 wider aperture, with an optical image stabilizer and face detection with autofocus with a 7-megapixel front camera with 2.2 retina sensor.

Technology and Feature:

With Camera and Display, the working is also crucial regarding what type of hardware and software the Phone possess.

In Google Pixel and iPhone 7, both have a quad-core processor and available in 32 and 128GB models whereas iPhone goes with 256GB too.

Google Pixel have Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with 4GB of RAM support with 2770 mAh battery capacity. Whereas iPhone 7 have Apple’s A10 fusion chip and 3GB of RAM support with encapsulated M10 motion coprocessor with a 1960 mAh battery.

Google pixel runs Vanilla Android (7.1 Nougat) with Google Assistant built-in, featuring whatever Google offer to Android.

iPhone 7 runs iOS 10 with Siri as assistant and number of new feature that Apple offered.

Piece of Advice:

Both phones are good in their own way, regarding price both are almost of the same price too, but it’s time for you to decide which one will look cool in your hand, an Android or iOS.

Happy choice.