iMessage on Android

Apple decides to find a solution for Android users so that they can also have the experience of the iMessage on Android and can receive the messages from iPhone users with iMessage app. They develop an app for Android users too. Later Android developers also worked for this and developed several apps to provide Android users with the same environment of iMessage that iPhone users enjoy.

iMessage is the most excellent thing in the iPhone. The users of iPhone are addicted to iMessaging. The reason behind the popularity of iMessage is that it gives you the best facilities to connect with the people emotionally and efficiently as you can send videos, pictures, voice messages using iMessage.

iMessage is the built-in messaging app on Apple’s devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. you can enjoy a lot of features of the app like the iMessage lets you send text messages, videos, pictures, voice messages and your location to any other user who has the Apple’s device.

Only the people who own the Apple’s devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch can use the iMessage as it is the built-in app in these devices. The only those were able to communicate who had Apple’s device with iMessage app in it. You cannot receive and reply the message if you are not an Apple’s device or iPhone user.

We are going to discuss those apps of iMessage on Android which gives you the best experience of iMessage

iMessage Android

iMessage Android

iPhone had the iMessage app which was built-in the Apple’s devices. So, Android users were unable to receive and send the iMessage on Android. For this, the developer tried initially to install the iMessage on their Android mobiles but was unable as the was restricted only to use in iPhone or other Apple’s devices. Later the developers succeeded in developing the iMessage Android app which let the users to iMessage on Android.

Using iMessage Android, you can now send the text messages, videos, pictures and voice message to any users using iMessage but only then when you stay connected to the internet. All the communication held using iMessage on Android is free for iMessage Android users.

Apps like iMessage Android require changes in the OS of the device to run on the device. iMessage Android does not need any significant change in the OS of your Android mobile. iMessage Android uses “.apk” which is Android application package file. “.apk” are the files similar to the “.exe” files and you will need “.apk” files to install the iMessage Android messenger. This is the file which is developed by the developers to install the iMessage on Android devices.

You have to download the iMessage Android from its official app on your PC and then transfer it on your Android mobile and install the app. Once you install the app, the icon of the iMessage Android app will appear on your mobile. You will have to create an ID to use the app on your Android mobile. You can chat with the iPhone users using iMessage as you are using the similar iMessage on Android.

iMessenger – Messaging OS 10

iMessenger - Messaging OS 10

iMessenger – Messaging OS 10 is the app available on the Google Play Store and works for solving the problem for Android users and iPhone users as well. As iMessage is used by iPhone users so the messages or videos, pictures, voice messages, current location can only send to the users who are also using the iMessage. The one without the iMessage app cannot even receive the message from the iPhone users using iMessage.

The iMessenger – Messaging OS 10 is the iMessage on Android. This app solves some problem of Android users after iMessage Android. Android users were unable to receive the message from iPhone users, now able to receive the message from iMessage using iMessenger – Messaging OS 10 app.

The key features and facilities which the iMessenger – Messaging OS 10 provides are. The app has a cool and stylish design. iMessenger – Messaging OS 10 manages all type of iMessage on Android conveniently with the OS 10 layout. iMessenger – Messaging OS 10 supports all the emoji.

LED light tells you the new coming message by blinking.You can block unwanted number if you are using iMessenger – Messaging OS 10 as your default SMS app. You can identify the message sender even if the sender is not in your contact list you can still identify him. From the sticker shop, you can find new expression in iMessenger – Messaging OS 10.

This app is the source to have iMessage on Android. You are no longer away from the iMessage on Android mobile as iMessenger – Messaging OS 10 is available free of cost on the Google Play Store for the Android users.

There are many apps similar to the iMessenger – Messaging OS 10. Which only let you receive the iMessage on Android but are not able to send the videos, picture, voice message to the other users just like iMessage users can send. The only app which works the same as iMessage works on iPhone is iMessage Android.

As iMessage Android can perform all the task on Android and has all the features which iMessage has and perform. Remaining al the apps which claim to act like iMessage only supports the messages from iMessage on Android but not work iMessage on Android and not has the features like the iMessage has. So mainly their only one app which we can say iMessage on Android and the App name is iMessage on Android.