Pokémon GO Coins

We have discussed what you will need to do to progress in the rich world full of Pokemon. However, some ways can help you increase your likelihoods of success. They range from helping you capture and helping your Pokemon recover to making the gameplay even easier with the Pokemon Go Plus wearable.

The Items We Speak of

As you explore the world of Pokemon Go, you will stumble upon things that will either help you out in capturing Pokemon or aid you in Gym battles. The best way to gather these items is to visit PokéStops. As mentioned in the previous article, PokéStops are places that are a landmark or an important place in your local area which is always available to the public. So, it won’t be something as trivial as a hardware store or a private property off-limits to the masses.

The PokéStops are listed on your maps as tall poles with blue capes. Once you get in range, the Cape will transform into a spinning disk which you can then tap to visit the place officially. The visit can reward you with experience, vaunted items and even Poke Eggs.

How Are the Items Used?

The items you find in the Pokemon Go world are typical of two categories; ‘Capture’ and ‘Recovery’. Most common Capture category items are Razz Berries and Incense. Razz Berries can be used to weaken a strong Pokémon that your ring indicates a ‘red’ while you are trying to capture it. The Incense can be used to Lure Pokemon.

In the Recovery category, you have potions and revives that help your Pokémon recuperate quickly after a tough battle. These recovery items are crucial if you are going to do multiple battles to defeat Gym Leaders or defending your own Gym.

You may also collect stronger Pokéballs along the way that will increase the chances of capturing tougher Pokémon. Then there are also Lucky Eggs which grant you double the experience you acquire for 30 minutes.

Pokémon Go Eggs

Pokémon Go Eggs

Rare things are Pokémon Go Eggs which you may find on one of your pit stops to a PokeStop. These eggs are future Pokémon that can be hatched via incubators. You start off with a single unlimited use incubator. Once the incubation process is complete, you will have to walk a certain distance with the game turned on to hatch the Pokémon Go. Yes, you heard right and you can’t by driving or getting a ride because the app will monitor your physical activity. Depending on the Pokémon you may even have to walk up to 10 kilometers. So, this is what we said that having Pokémon Go will put your body back in shape.

You can buy incubators using Poke Coins. The advantage of that will be that instead of waiting for an egg to complete its incubation process to place another in it, you can have multiple eggs incubating at the same time. This is important as you will then not have to pass up on Poké Eggs just because your only incubator was occupied.

Spend Your Money to Buy Pokémon Go Coins

If you don’t mind spending an extra buck or two on your favorite games now and then then it will also help you in Pokémon Go. You can buy Pokémon Go Coins with real money which will, in turn, buy you items and potions. You can also buy things like Bags and Storage upgrades along with more incubators to increase your incubation to multiple eggs at a time.

You can also buy a Pokémon Go Plus, which is a wearable device available for 30$. The device is linked to the game, and it lets you play without taking your phone out which is a boon to your phone’s battery life, and you won’t have to be stuck staring at your phone while you look for Pokémon. The wearable can alert you to nearby Pokémon and PokéStops and even activate PokéStops to collect items. You can even capture a Pokémon by using it. You will, however, need to run the app through the device beforehand.


Now you can explore the game and enjoy it to its full extent. You don’t have to spend the money if you don’t want to as that is just a way to speed up your progress, you can still advance in the game without using premium buys. We hope this guide will let you reach newer heights with your favorite Pokémon.