Karate Fight Game


Were you a tough kid when you were a child? Did you fight with the rest of the other kids when they bullied you rather than remaining silent like many others? And do you still get those fighting instincts and have no where to let out these fighting urges to some valid outlet. Well you are lucky that you somehow stumbled here. Because we have got just the right game app for you. It is known as Superhero Avengers Infinity – IKarate Fights Game. The game is made with the developers of Unity and they have done justice and pretty good enough job with Superhero Avengers Infinity – Karate Fight Game.

And now it is quite obvious by the name it self that the app is about fighting but it has lot more to offer than any ordinary fighting games. First and fore most, IT INVOLVES SUPER HEROES! You know all of those fantasies of yours about having to watch the superheroes fight with other superheroes also known as immortal gods as referred to as the term in the app as well? Well they are not going to remain just fantasies from now on any longer. Those dreams are finally to come true.

You get to fight with a super hero in Superhero Avengers Infinity – Karate Fight Game. So what is it about anyways? Superhero Avengers Infinity – Karate Fight Game is pretty simple to play and yet highly exciting as a game app. The background scene of the game is quite impressive within itself. There appear all the super heroes with extra effects making them look irresistibly cool and awesome. There you can also like the app if, well you do and we are just so damn sure you gonna love it once you play Superhero Avengers Infinity – Karate Fight Game. At the right of the screen appears the play button which you can confuse with the video button so it was important to mention.

After hitting the play button, you are taken by the app to a screen wherein you can select your character. Mind you, it is a vital decision if you are willing to win the battle and not just goofing around with the super heroes just for the sake for it. Haha, whatever. Now as a gamer my self, I prefer others who are pretty serious in playing a video game. They take it as a matter of life and death. Ok that must have sounded pretty intense and well can you blame me. In case you are a hard core gamer your self, you would end up doing nothing but agree with me on this; that when you play a game, you take a solemn silent oath of doing justice with it and playing it in a serious manner. This is what Superhero Avengers Infinity – Karate Fight Game requires from you as well. You have got to be cautious of your decision to the likes of selecting your character.

Now it is one thing to watch a movie and fall for a super hero but totally another to have to play as and against an immortal god as in Superhero Avengers Infinity – Karate Fight Game. What this means is as much as the developers of the game have tried their best, and very rightly so, to remain relevant to the powers of the gods of immortality as mentioned and described in the movies, it was not possible not to make amendments and that were done with a just way which you would see for yourself. First of all let us talk about your options of the characters that are these immortal gods them selves. The number of total superheroes you get to choose from is eight. There is The Hulk and the Thanos; Thor and the Ninja Ko and there is my personal favorite FLASH! And would they even had the audacity to call it a Superhero Avengers Infinity – Karate Fight Game if Super man and Bat man were not there? For any feminists out there, the developers of Superhero Avengers Infinity – Karate Fight Game kept them in mind too and included the Wonder Woman.

Once you select what you want as your fighting ninja, any one of the rest of the seven gets to be your opponent ninja fighter. There are six different buttons that appear on the screen once the fight is started. One of them is located at the bottom left and controls the movement of the fighting ninja character you chose. The other five are for attacks; three of them are by legs and feet moves and the remaining two are attacks by hands and arms. There are two rounds in one level. Hope you enjoy playing Superhero Avengers Infinity – Karate Fight Game. Do give your feedback below.