Review of LiveNewsOn America Live News app

The updated version of your favourite LiveNewsON app for live news, updates, breaking new and TV shows of four different channels has released now. You can now enjoy the latest news from the most official and popular news channels of the world like CNN, ABC News, Fox News and MSNBC news.

If you want to know about current affairs, international relationships between countries, world’s fast-growing economies, cold wars between countries, supports updates, business news, stock markets reports, weather forecasts, documentaries, talk shows, morning shows, live coverage of important events from all over the world, LiveNewsOn is here for you. All of these you can get on your smartphone now on LiveNewsOn: America Live News.
LiveNewsOn: America Live News is the app for the mobile users who want to watch the news and talk shows on their cell phone screens. For those users LiveNewsOn: America Live News brought programs of top four channels of the world by live streaming the transmission of the channels on your mobile phone screens.



cable news network is the world’s best news channel and entertains you with news shows, Talk shows and morning shows. Viewers can enjoy the programs like, “The Lead with Jake Tapper”, Which covers the top stories of the day from worldwide with focusing on politics. “ANDERSON COOPER 360^”. “THE SITUATION ROOM WITH WOLF BLITZER”, “ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT”. You can enjoy morning shows like “New Day”, “EARLY START with John Berman and Christine Romans” and “CNN AMERICAN MORNING”. You can watch 45 TV shows of CNN channels on your mobile screen in the best video quality using this fantastic app.

ABC News:


ABC News is the American news channel which owned by The Walt Disney Company. ABC News is one of the world’s best news channels and entertain its viewers with the TV shows including talk shows. Morning shows and news updates. Viewers can start their morning by watching a morning show “Good Morning America”. You can also watch some other shows like “20/20”, “Nightline”. ABC News on airs the shows which have been started many years ago, like “World News Now” is the news show started from 1992. You can watch all the TV shows on ABC News free of cost in a superb video quality only by using this app.

FOX News:

FOX News

Fox News is the world class news channel and is the trusted channel by its viewers. Fox news telecasts many TV shows including morning shows, talk shows, news updates, entertaining shows, sports shows, special transmissions like during presidential election. And you can enjoy all of these shows and news updates on your mobile screen in high definition video quality simply by tapping on the “LiveNewsOn: America Live News” app on your mobile phone with the updated version.



MSNBC News is the news channel which has earned the trust from its viewer all around the world. You can watch morning show like “Morning Joe”, news updates, talk shows, business discussions, supports shows, sports news, reality shows and much more on this channel at anywhere whether you are in a taxi or your office you can enjoy the transmission of the channel on your mobile phone using the apps. But if you want a good quality video then you should use this app for the better experience.

LiveNewsOn: America Live News is the app which lets its users watch four world-class news channels live on their mobile phones. You can watch all the news updates on your mobile phone screen just by simply tapping on the app and selecting your favourite channel. This app has a user-friendly interface. Anyone can easily use the app. If you want to get the best quality of video streaming on your mobile screens, get the “LiveNewsOn: America Live News” installed on your mobile phones.


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