Nokia 3310 is back with its iconic pack

 One of the most Iconic phones in the history of cellular technology is back. It was horrible whenever I saw the snake eating itself; well I am talking about snake game in Nokia 3310.

The good news is HMD has decided to bring back the most popular Nokia 3310. The iconic, durable phone is going to relaunch after the 17 years of its first launch. The phone is smaller in size and has long talk time as similar to the old version with 31 days long standby time. And, yes, it is coming with the snake.

When is, it coming back?

Finnish company HMD Global has the license of using the name of Nokia for ten years. The re-launch of the of Nokia 3310 phone took place this year at Mobile World Congress Barcelona. The phone is quite smaller in size than the old version and almost half in weight. The old version of Nokia 3310 was 133g in weight; the new one is 79g. More than 126 million of old Nokia 3310 units were sold from the year 2000 (releasing year) to 2005. It is expected that the sales of the new version are also going to make a positive difference in the company’s profits.

Positive aspects of Nokia 3310

In early 2000 Nokia had the high position in the market. People were emotionally attached to Nokia’s products, especially with Nokia 3310 mobile phone. More than 125 million units’ sales showed the love of users for the phone. Now HMD has made it sure that the new version of the cellphone should contain all the essential iconic features of the old version. The phone is slimmer and light in weight than the old phone. The body is curvy and is made up of aluminum. The phone is available in 4 colours, Gloss red, yellow, matte blue and grey. It has a 2.4-inch colour screen, 16 MB internal memory extendable up to 32GB, Bluetooth 3.0. You can take snapshots with 2 megapixels of a rear camera provided in the phone. Users can enjoy social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter through the opera mini browser, the 2.5G connection lets you go online. The price of the phone set to €49 (£41). The release of Nokia 3310 is in the second quarter of 2017.


  • 2.4-inch 240 x 320 pixels QVGA Screen.
  • Dual sim (mini sim).
  • 115.6mm x 51mm x 12.8mm size.
  • 2MP rear camera with flash.
  • 16MB storage, support up to the 32GB memory card.
  • 2.5G connectivity for calling.
  • 1200mAh removable battery,22 hours talk time.
  • Micro USB port for charging and 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Vibration, mp3 ringtones.


Nokia 3310 is a very interesting phone as it makes one feel like when phones were simple and practical and smartphones were not common enough to dominate in our lives like todays.

The phone has keyboard with alphanumeric buttons. To navigate there are buttons on the keyboard to “select”, “pickup” and “hang-up”. the control is from keyboard touch screen is not present.


Nokia 3310 cannot be called Nokia 3310 without “Snake” which was the most famous feature of the old Nakia 3310. It was the time when the very first mobile games were being introduced and snake was the most popular game among all of them.

HMD has made the iconic snake a part of the new version of phone with a new graphical version. The snake is colored and the background of the game looks very attractive. Snake lovers will surely love this version of game.

Software and frequency

Nokia 3310 uses 30+ software series, the design of the software is quite similar to the old version so that the users can have a more authentic feel like the old Nokia 3310. The people who know how to use the old Nokia sets could easily handle the controls of the new Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310 will use the frequencies of 900MHz and 1800 MHz these are the frequencies which were only used for the 2G connections before coming mobile data and 3G technology. In most part of the world like Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe, these bands are used but they have been turned off in other regions. Almost the entire western hemisphere has moved on to 850 MHz and 1900MHz frequencies and slowly this is adopting by other countries too. This means that the Nakia 3310 would not work in that area where the old frequencies have ceased operation.