Top 7 Prisma Alternative For Android Apps That You Must Try

Prisma has gained a lot of attention in this past year with smartphone users sharing a plethora of selfies and other brilliant artwork on social media networks. That also prompted many like me to install that app and take it for a spin. For the most part, you will have a lot of fun especially in the first few days of use with the array of artful impacts and effects. But there will come a time when you will start to seek for other applications for a kick. Thankfully there are many apps like Prisma out there that only provide brilliant artist renditions of photos but also offer effects and filter that far surpass the great app that you had been using. Following are the Prisma alternative Apps for Android apps that you can try in its stead.

  1. SuperPhoto

SuperPhoto, prisma alternative apps for android

SuperPhoto is probably the very first alternative to Prisma that springs to mind whenever someone asks about them. The app takes the photo impact functionality of Prisma and takes it to a whole another level. There are over 250 photo effects and filters available with SuperPhoto, and that is only with the free version. The Pro version provides you with a large 1500 filters and impacts ready to be explored for a long time. The app is also relatively easy to use like Prisma in that you have just to select the impact you want to use and share the picture you want to be brushed up to the app. The rest is up to the app as it uploads the picture to the app’s server. Unlike Prisma which needs an online connection every time you use an impact, SuperPhoto can apply it locally after using it the first time through its server.

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  1. Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360 is another big-name player in the photo editor category. It is a very useful app if you are looking for Prisma Alternative Apps for Android to explore. The app includes a lot of options that include simple effects to new filters that are in abundance. Camera 360 is especially useful when you are looking to take a lot of selfie photos because of the immediate effects that you can apply. There is a beauty camera feature that accentuates your selfies and you can out in anime and cartoon style effects to make a different impact on your photos.

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  1. Bonfire Photo Editor

Bonfire Photo Editor

If you are looking for new apps that will provide you filtering option in real time, then Bonfire is a superb choice to make. The app allows you to implement the filters and effects in real time. Which means you can preview the impact that you are creating with the photos. The app includes basic features like HDR and image enhancement. The upper-level features have the black and white mode and several filters that can create breathtaking cartoonish impacts that could even trump the ones made by Prisma. Bonfire is a pretty good choice among Prisma alternative Apps for Android.

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  1. Pixlr – Photo Editor Free

Pixlr – Photo Editor Free

Pixlr is another brilliant photo editing app, and it is best Prisma Alternative Apps for Android that will cater to your every whim and photo editing needs. The app has all the standard functions of a photo editing app such as cropping, double exposure, smoothing, blurring, rotating and whatnot. The app is created by the Autodesk studios which are a sign that it is going to deliver a great graphical experience. The app doesn’t disappoint as there is a horde of filtering and effects that will have you immersed for the longest of times. There are stickers and filters that you can apply fairly quickly using the overlay function or the categorical stylized format. The users can even add texts in several fonts and then export it to the image format of their choice.

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  1. Photo Lab Picture Editor FX

Photo Lab Picture Editor FX

Photo Lab Picture is an excellent choice if you are looking to play with different effects and filters and not just randomly selecting impacts for your photos like other Prisma alternative apps for Android. You can select many filters from the sidebar as soon as you open the app to use. The app doesn’t make impacts quite like Prisma, but you can still create similar effects with filters like Oil Paintings, Paintings or the street Graffiti effect. If you want to take the full advantage of this app than I suggest that you get the pro version that is full of a metric ton of filters and effects.

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  1. Lucid – Turn Pictures into Art

Lucid – Turn Pictures into Art

When it comes to Prisma alternative apps for Android apps, Lucid is certainly the unique and charming app that you can choose. Lucid lets you turn your paintings into accurate artist renditions. It allows you to figure what your pictures or you would have looked like if they were painted by current top artists or the great painters of yesteryear. You just have to take the picture you want or select it from your phone. After which you can choose the style of the artist you want the rendition done as and waalah! You have you own artistic picture reproduction.

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  1. PicsArt – Photo Studio

PicsArt – Photo Studio

PicsArt is not just a simple photo impact app like Prisma but also it is Prisma Alternative Apps for Android, but it is also a powerful photo editing app in its right. There are tons of effects and filters that you can choose from that will give your photos not only the artistic effect that you are looking for but also a more polished finish. There are a lot of ways like stickers, writings, arranging and pivoting pictures, sharing, and applying veils and edging through which you can create a professional level photograph from an ordinary one. There is, of course, a learning curve to it, but even if you are a layman user, there are magic impacts available that instantly applies effects for you. These pictures can then be shared through all of the mainstream social media which make this app a complete package.

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List of Top 7 Prisma Alternative Apps For Android Apps

1PicsArt – Photo Studio100,000,000 – 500,000,000
2Lucid – Turn Pictures into Art10,000 – 50,000
3Photo Lab Picture Editor FX50,000,000 – 100,000,000
4Pixlr – Photo Editor Free50,000,000 – 100,000,000
5Bonfire Photo Editor100,000 – 500,000
6Camera 360100,000,000 – 500,000,000
7SuperPhoto5,000,000 – 10,000,000


Final Word’s For Prisma Alternative Apps For Android

Having these Prisma alternative Apps for Android apps is not only a solution for those that are looking for soulful impacts but also an option for people that are looking to put life in their little and ordinary pictures. There is a brilliant crop of photo editing apps above, and any one of these can be a great alternative for Prisma.