Samsung Galaxy S8, the most awaited phone of Samsung is finally available for the users. The  Samsung Galaxy S8 has brought something really special for its users. The amazing features of the phone have made its users excited about the phone once again.
Along with all this excitement, you should keep one thing in your mind that, like all other phones, the Galaxy S8 also have some flaws. Although these are minor problems but minor problems also look bigger when they come in the perfect and most popular phone line Galaxy S8
We are going to discuss the common Samsung Galaxy S8 problems which may be, all of you have experienced. We will point out these common problems and will provide you the possible solutions of these problems. So, let’s begin with the most common problem

Samsung Galaxy S8 Problems and Their Solutions

Facial Detection is not Working

If you decided to dump the fingerprint sensor for the facial detection, there seems to be one hurdle you’ll have to deal with is – getting it to read your face during the facial detection.
It took me at least three attempts at scanning my face, to finally get the phone unlock without being forced, it is one of the common Samsung Galaxy S8 problems. So, my suggestion would be to keep on trying until it looks clear it’s got the right angle.
It’s possible technically for Samsung to improve facial detection remotely through software updates, so it wouldn’t be unexpected to see the authenticity of the system getting better over time

Fingerprint Scanner is Not Working Properly

My greatest issue with the Galaxy is the fingerprint sensor, particularly its position, it is one of the common Galaxy S8 problems. Rear mounted scanners are just the same old thing new, yet Samsung’s choice to put the S8’s appropriate beside the camera sensor is odd. Each time I attempt to open the phone, I either miss the scanner totally or hit the camera and abandon everything smeared.
It’s likely a gift then that Samsung has included a few different approaches to balance the poor fingerprint scanner, which means you won’t need to utilize it. The iris-examining Tech has been picked from the Note 7, and it’s substantially speedier now, making it actually usable. There’s facial acknowledgement as well, which is less secure than the iris scanner, however, appears to work better from different edges.
There’s no certain method to solve these Galaxy S8 problems; you’ll simply show signs of improvement at it after some time. But my recommendation is to routinely check your camera for finger smirches, as you’ll need to ensure you’re not taking hazy photographs on account of a not well put digit if you really want to get rid of this Galaxy S8 problems.

Quad- HD Display Issues

In a move that is likely intended to drag out the battery life of the Galaxy S8, the phone’s 2960 x 1440 HD display is set to a lower FHD+ resolution when you unbox it. While having viable advantages, it’s additionally somewhat brassy to imagine that people who hand out upwardly of £600/$700 for a phone can be glad to acknowledge a much lower screen resolution than they were anticipating.
The good thing is that it’s anything but difficult to switch the resolution move down. Head into Settings > Display > Screen Resolution and slide it to WQHD+. Be that as it may be cautioned that this extravagance may bring about poorer battery life.

The Wireless Charging Issues

Both Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ clients have revealed that they are experiencing occasions that when they are trying to charge remotely, all they get is a squinting “charging paused”. Customers are likewise grumbling that docks and pads which they purchased in a mix with their Galaxy S6 and S7 gadgets don’t work for the Galaxy S8. it is one of the common Samsung Galaxy S8 problems.
While the link itself doesn’t appear to have any effect for the cushion, it looks like the power block (the thing that goes into the electrical outlet) is by all accounts the guilty party. Clients in Samsung gathering have clarified which blends worked for them, and it appears as though there’s no certain example – simply the way that some power blocks determination remote charging cushions and quick charge in Samsung docking stations and others won’t.
The main genuine arrangement as of now is by all accounts that you ought to just utilize remote charging cushions and docks that are unequivocally showcased for the Galaxy S8.

Text Message Notification’s Sound, not working properly

Is it true that when you get a text message, you do not receive sound notifications? This is one of the common Samsung Galaxy S8 problems. The simplest arrangement is as per the following:
Go to Settings > Apps > Messages > Notifications and afterwards ensure this is set to “Permitted.” None of the other notice settings works if this isn’t set legitimately. On the off chance that this does not settle the issue, make a point to reinforcement your information and play out a hard reset.
These were the most common issues which Samsung Galaxy S8 users are experiencing. If you were also facing any one of these problems then don’t be worry now. Try these provided solutions, hope so it will solve all your Samsung Galaxy S8 problems.

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