Android has made up its mark in pretty much every field and spectra. Entertainment, health, sports, business, you name it, and there will always be information and all sorts of help present for you in your interested zone. In the very similar way, you can also find amazing games to download on your smartphones. What is better than some brain teaser games which will leave you awestruck in the most spectacular fashion. So, following is a list of Top 10 best android puzzle games online.

Here we provide you Top 10 best android puzzle games, install your favorite puzzle application on your phone and enjoy!

1. Pyramid Solitaire Saga

best android puzzle games Pyramid.Solitaire.Saga

It is a card-based game, and this is how it works; the whole game comprises of one deck of cards. You are being given seven different rows in which some of the cards are arranged in a haphazard manner. All of the remaining cards of the deck are placed separately on the top most left corner of the screen. What you are required to do is put the cards in the seven rows in descending order and alternate colors. Also, there are four empty slots assigned for each suit; hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. The deal is to start filling the empty slots with the respective suits from Ace to two to three and so on up to the king, and you win! Pyramid Solitaire Saga on number one position from best android puzzle games install it from given link and enjoy

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2. Unblock Me

best android puzzle games Unblock.Me

You will find blocks made up of wood with two different colors; the only red one will be entrapped by the other same colored ones. Moving these unicolored wooden blocks, set the red block free. The level of difficulty increases level after level and so does the excitement of the player as well. The particular puzzle game was good enough to make a place in our list of top ten best free puzzle games online.

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3. Flow Free

best android puzzle games Flow.Free

Flow Free is a must play game for those who love solving puzzles and enjoy them with all the complexities. Both of the same colored dots are to be joined to each other without having to cross its path with that of the distinct color. Flow Free on number three position from best android puzzle games install it from given link and enjoy

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best android puzzle games Sudoku

I’m sure many of you used to wait every day for the newspaper as they had two of the Sudoku games on the paper; one easy and the other hard one to be solved and provided the solutions on the same page. Well, now you can play it as much as you want on your mobile phones. The rules are the same and if you don’t know or remember them let us be of your service. There are 81 squares in total which are further divided into nine small ones. Start filling the squares from one to nine such that no digit is repeated either vertically or horizontally.

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5.Checkers Free

best android puzzle games Checkers.Free

Also, famously known by the name of draught, it is a board game as a derived version of the chess and can be played by two people. The pieces of checkers are moved only diagonally one box in one try, and similarly, the opponent’s piece can be won the same way provided space is present behind that. Interestingly enough, your piece is automatically removed, in case you didn’t beat the other person’s piece which in this case is the computer playing against human so better watch out. You can even move backwards as well as forwards once you have been able to take your piece to the last row of your opponent’s square.

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6. 4 pic 1 word

best android puzzle games 4.pic.1.word

Another strikingly funny and smart game, making to our top ten best free puzzle games online for all the right reasons. You’re provided with four images which apparently look nothing like the other but still have something common in one another. The answer is to be sorted out with the help of the jumbled alphabets given which you can guess yourself or take help of the hints option present by putting in some coins.

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7. Bubble shooter

best android puzzle games Bubble.Shooter.

There’s this bunch of bubbles with as many colors as possible and below is your helper standing with another bubble to shoot and add to the bunch in the air. You’ve to be smart enough to use the minimum bubbles and hit them so that you can bring three same colored bubbles which would make them disappear and in this way the goal of the game is to finish all of the bubble balloons. The power-ups and energy boosters simply add to the fun and enjoyment.

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8. Trivia Crack

best android puzzle games Trivia.Crack

A quiz based game included in the Top 10 Best Android Puzzle Games online requires you to answer various questions related to history, geography, mathematics, physics, geology, sports, and the list goes on and on. The users can play it without any competition as well as against computer and a time limit is set in the latter case to help decide the winner easily.

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9. Cut the rope

best android puzzle games Cut.the.rope

Well yeah, you ‘just’ have to cut a damn rope. Except that, it is not as simple as it sounds. There is a hungry animal named as Om Nom who is looking forward to eating the star ball tied at the end of a rope which is connected in a specific style and thus should only be cut in that particular method to grab the maximum stars as the stars would help you earn the extra superpowers. The seasons are locked, and you need to clear each level to move on to the next one.

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10. Charlie Circus

best android puzzle games Charlie.Circus

Not so much a puzzle game but still requires enough skill and nerves to be able to master the four level. Each stage or level has a uniqueness and charm of its own; jumping through the fire rings, riding the horse, saving yourself from monkeys or having to move from one moving wheel to the next you decide your pick. The game is addicting and pretty attention seeking. Thus, it is among one of the Top 10 Best Android Puzzle Games.

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The puzzle games are a sure way of making the brain work and think you never even imagined, and the feel you get after clicking the solution in your mind of a puzzle you were stuck so long is just so relaxing one seems at peace. So, try the top ten best free puzzle games online and share your experiences with us.