Among the recent cellular trends, rooting your mobile device is one of the most fashionable. It introduces your cell phone to the world of whole new apps that are ready to serve you, protect you from various other external viruses that can harm your device. Although upgrading your cell phone by rooting it or not is solely your choice, but for you to take a sigh of relief, it is to clarify that just if you ever do it, you can reverse the process whenever you can. So, once you have rooted your device you better check out these cool apps to get the Best Android Root Apps experience.



It is the system monitoring root app for Android devices. From whatever the device goes through is followed by Super SU. Not just kept an eye on but Super SU is used to get permission to get access to any functioning. In simple words, this root app rules over rooting experience, so you need to learn better how to settle affairs with it. It can be easily understood through the list of its functions that it has a variety of features.

Google play Top 11 Best Android Root Apps

9.System app remover (ROOT)

system app remover root

After ensuring you have software to keep an eye on your system, you need to make sure that the pre-installed apps have been removed after rooting. Another thing you need to know is about a bloat-ware. One drawback of any of your Android device is not to consume all of its memory because it can lead you to lack of battery timing, poor system performance and much more which you definitely would not like. The only way to get rid to keep an authentic system removing the app in your android. And this is what you are looking for.

Google play Top 11 Best Android Root Apps

8.Adblock Plus (Samsung Browser)

adblock plus samsung browser

All hail to those features which can hardly be possessed by any unrooted Android device? This is where you can block the pop-ups and restrain advertisements interfering in your way. All you need is to buy a monthly premium account or get a free version which would otherwise be working for you with a few exceptions. The free version can also be working at a moderate level where you would not like it. Still, this app is the best add blocking rooted app we have come across till now. This app is at number nine in rank from Top 11 Best Android Root Apps.

Google play Top 11 Best Android Root Apps

7.Dumpster Photo & Video Restore

dumpster photo video restore

Another important trait of being a human is to be forgetful of what you need at times. The dumpster is an app where you can find all that data you considered trash. Throwing stuff away by accident or under an emotion and then having something to get it back is the best feeling. Be it your relevant documents or those pictures you never actually wanted to lose. Be it a rooted app, it is more modified and helps you find more from the deleted files then un-rooted. But you can delete some files permanently if you want. So, all in all, it is a good app to keep around.

Google play Top 11 Best Android Root Apps



Greenify is more of a manager to your rooted Android device. Greenify app keeps an eye on the functioning of your apps. It updates you of how many apps you have run and how much. Also, it will tell you when to put your phone on hibernation to keep its battery working. The app helps you keep your phone from getting overloaded. App Helps your phone getting woken up all the time. Although you can get this app for free, for premium and a full supply of service you need to buy its version which costs $2.99. That’s up to you.

Google play Top 11 Best Android Root Apps

5.ViPER4Android音效FX v2版


This app is another one which highlights the brighter side of a rooted device. This app which controls your auditory preferences towards a device is something which is dependent solely upon your choices. This app has numerous features. You can adjust how loud you want the sound to be or how do you wish to play the songs.

Google play Top 11 Best Android Root Apps

4.Titanium Backup ★ root

titanium backup 9733 root

Once using the rooted device, the next step you want to take is to save everything you have completed collecting in a place which could be reliable. For that purpose, Titanium Backup app is a must have. But for that, the users are directed to backup management stuff before they start using it correctly. Because it helps you from managing a backup system, any further and this app will perform it automatically.

Google play Top 11 Best Android Root Apps



This app will make your life a heaven, and you will start loving rooted apps. Tasker is a full system automation app. Once you learn to use it and get familiar with it will no longer make you do everything by yourself. Rather would perform all the technical functions itself. And it will then manage everything till clock alarms itself.

Google play Top 11 Best Android Root Apps

2.ROM Manager

rom manager

Let’s you optimize and manage your ROM. It doesn’t affect any functions of your device. It is very friendly to the user. For those who do not know much about ROM and its personalization, it provides easy ways to personalize and manage ROM. It also offers users the facility to choose the ROM device of their choice.

Google play Top 11 Best Android Root Apps

1.Boot Animation

boot animation

This device helps you personalize, verify and amend Boot Animation according to your choice. Although it is too much for a regular user to do this much for a typical cellular device, this comes with all those perks of rooting your device. But the silver lining is that this you could get to know about a whole new world of Boot Animation where you have lots of choices, so you get properly exposed to this world. It is as easy as coming across one boot animation and just putting it the way you like without caring about the personalization limitations as you were to face in un-rooted devices. This app is number one in rank from Top 11 Best Android Root Apps.

Google play Top 11 Best Android Root Apps

Final Word’s

Above mentioned and so many other Best Android Root Apps are those which signify rooting in a device. It is much more fun, much more personalized but you have to spend a lot of time learning how to use it, and you would get tired of it. But in that case, you can un-root your device and start using the old features.

Below are the list of Top 11 Best Android Root Apps install it from google play and enjoy

1Boot Animation
2ROM Manager
4Titanium Backup
5ViPER 4 Android
7Dumpster Photo & Video Restore
8Adblock Plus
9System app remover