It doesn’t matter what kind of sports lover you are; there is an application out there just right for you. It is a truth known universally that both indoor and outdoor games have their own unique merits, advantages and amazingly significant positive impacts. Each sport comes with its different style adding beauty in the game. Based on the set rules and regulations to be followed, the elements of thrill and excitement depend on what sport is being played. As much fun is in playing a particular game, more or less, same enjoyment is felt in watching because having to see the losing team finally deciding and picking themselves up to fight back until the last minute gives a sense of encouragement to the audience. We are going to present you the top 10 best android sports news app.

So, without further ado, let’s just take a good look at Top 10 best android sports news apps now, shall we?


best android sports news apps ESPN

Initially launched on 5th October 2010, almost six years ago the application is owned by and is a property of ESPN Inc. The company has relaunched its core apps for iOS and Android through an update coming to the App Store and Google Play. The app is named after the company itself rather than Score Center or Sports Center it is simply known as ESPN. The software has been enhanced and revolutionized time and again. The most updated version till date has a new red signer at the top which is far more better than the black emblem in the last one. The app gives just about everything one could ask for ranging from news to stats and videos on just about every sports team out there. ESPN in on number one position from best android sports news apps.

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2. CBS sports

best android sports news apps CBS sports

The app has many features like ESPN. Although CBS Sports application makes an excellent cover of almost every game in general that one can imagine. But the SEC in particular since they had the deal and made the contract to cover their football and basketball games. The only difference, however, lies in the fact that CBS Sports have a tablet-optimized software which is quite a convenient option for the software users that ESPN sadly does not offer.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

3. NCAA sports

best android sports news apps NCAA sports

The most suitable and appropriate application for all the college sports fan which helps them in keeping up to date with college football, basketball, hockey and much more including NCAA championships like the college football playoff and the NCAA held towards the end of March. The NCAA March Madness live app got chrome cast support just in time. The application offers updates about the favorite teams as well as national sports stories along with score update notifications which alone can be said the useful feature. NCAA Sports in on number three position from best android sports news apps.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

4. Fox Sports Go

best android sports news apps Fox Sports Go

The home page of the Fox Sports Go gives the latest sports news and schedules of the matches and competitions between the various teams or countries. It further consists of other pages which contain in them the detailed information for the fans who demand to know the details of a particular match or even a player in specific.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

5. NFL Mobile

best android sports news apps NFL Mobile

The software allows live streams of Verizon customers. It has been expanded owing to its massive support and crazy fan following by the users who seem to enjoy the features and facilities offered by the company owners. In case you cannot afford any off season moves, breaking news about sports and team alerts or wish to stay up to date on draft prospects, trades and many other games related content. There also is available a collection of the best plays of the year 2015 season along with NFL highlights. NFL Mobile is on number five position from best android sports news apps.

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6.Bleacher Report: Team Stream

best android sports news apps Team Stream

The software contains news, expert opinions and their analysis, photos and much more stuff about to sports. In spite of its associations with Bleacher Report Sports site, the Team Stream app contains news and updates from some different sources across the blogosphere. These sources include select team – centric blogs, as well as Twitter, feeds of the star players. The two drawbacks that it however has are that first there’s no way to add additional blogs, and also the content cannot be removed either.

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7. Thuuz Sports

best android sports news apps Thuuz Sports

Another sports information based website launched in 2010. Thuuz is a sports fans must have which operates pretty efficiently. The sports fan, first of all, have to log on into and let the company operators know the names of the leagues and the teams that they would like to watch playing or want to hear about. As a result of which the moment, a game gets great and exciting fans, will receive an email or a text message informing them of the current situation of that particular game.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

8. MLS matchday

best android sports news apps MLS matchday

The App primarily delivers an experience that gives its users and dies hard sports fans a quick and easy access to scores, highlights, news and even live videos with newly added chrome cast support for MLS (Major League Soccer) Live subscribers. The application allows and permits its users to instantly engage in a match between a rival and a favorite MLS team. This application in on number 8 position from best android sports news apps.

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9.Sky Sports for Android

best android sports news apps Sky Sports

TV-subscription based application for Android lets Virgin Media customers watch on the smartphones with the real-time football updates on your wrist.  The schedule of matches for upcoming days can be seen well in advance by selecting the day rather than the continuously scrolling down. Within the sports page, you can also view stats, standings and news. The software, however, does not feature or support any customization or personalized news feed. Therefore, one is bound to select and then reselect different sports to get the stories one wants to have instead of having the main feed of the favorite teams and sports.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

10. TSN Mobile

best android sports news apps tsn

The particular application from the Canadian sports network features a clean design and is quite simple when it comes to navigation. The names of the sports are mentioned at the top of the screen and can be accessed by the respective sports fans based on their separate tastes and choices. The site provides users both the general headings as well as the full news about all kinds of sports. Once the specific sports are selected, the score table is displayed for that particular day. The previous day’s results, the schedule for the coming day or a calendar view of the last or following month can all be seen in one app. TSN mobile is on number ten position from best android sports news apps.
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Playing sports and games is a healthy activity mentally, physically and morally. It helps build traits such as teamwork, trust, and confidence in each and every individual. In the modern era, however, the great hustle and bustle have reduced sports to watching live. The great boxer Muhammad Ali once said in answer to a question asked in an interview about his opponent:

“If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize!”