Now, you have bought your first or maybe second or third cell phone that happens to be Android, or you were ignorant and an extreme interest in any friend, a relative has led you to personalize your cellular device. The first thing you would ever think of will be to put up appropriate wallpaper to the home-screen and lock-screen respectively. For that, you would Google the wallpapers, which would lead you to some confusion. Then you would try tinder images to decide what would suit your choice. Most likely you would go try Facebook or Instagram images to broaden your options. But what will happen, in the end, you would find yourself in the midst of confusion. Many hard-working app developers, just to lessen your burden of surfing, have developed wallpaper apps for android. These apps will help you when you experience.

13. 500 FirePaper:

500 Firepaper

500 FirePaper app has been verified by an authorized research, and it is rated to be the best wallpaper apps for android. This wallpaper apps for Android provides you with lots and lots of choices among the picture and live wallpapers. This collection includes 3g skills to pictures from famous photographers. It also includes animated wallpapers.

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12. Wallrox:



Wallrox app owns mainly hand developed images by Ankit Anand, and it is best wallpaper apps for android. These wallpapers are UHD hand-crafted. This app has an additional plus point that it is easy to use. A single scroll and tap will help you experience a whole new wallpaper experience. Another interesting thing is that you can easily go back and make your new choice whenever you are bored. Do try and let us know how you found the app. Adding, its wallpapers are of high definition.

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11. Cool Wallpapers HD:

Cool Wallpapers HD

Cool Wallpapers HD name signifies a huge variety of wallpapers that this app has. It contains wallpapers from all around the world and from all the available genres that wallpapers could have. In its collection, right now there are 10,000 wallpapers to choose from. It is also one of the easiest apps to navigate and best wallpaper apps for android. Taking its productivity under consideration, this app is a must have. Another interesting thing is that it is for free.

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10. Backgrounds HD:

Backgrounds HD

Background HD app needs no introduction. It is the most widely used and popular app to be put on any list, and it is best wallpaper apps for android.

And for that reason, its specialties are almost pre-determined. It has so many types of wallpapers to choose from, all under properly developed categories which make it easy to find the wallpapers of your choice.

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9. Wally:


Wally app also offers you variety of wallpaper images you can own. This wallpaper app for Android also does not cost anything. But what makes this app stand out from the rest is that all of these wallpapers are user-generated. Not only you will like these wallpapers but also will relate to these. But wait there is more. All of these wallpapers come in that HD quality that makes them worth considering. It also provides you with such variety you could not find anywhere else

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8. Muzei Live Wallpaper:

Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei live wallpaper the first initiative that this wallpaper app took towards versatility is its name. It took its name from Russian word ‘museum’. If you don’t make sufficient changes in it, this app provides you with famous artworks. Another interesting thing is that these wallpapers are different every day. It also facilitates you with additional service that if you don’t want to see great arts anymore, you can switch back to choosing any picture from your picture gallery as well. Muzei live paper is one of the best wallpaper apps for android

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7. MTP Ringtone and Wallpapers:


MTP Ringtone and wallpaper app provide you with dual facilities. It does not only give you the wallpaper variety that you could love but also with various ringtones from which you could choose from. Although this app is nothing different than simple wallpaper and ringtone apps it has good design elements and is easy to use. You can easily predict how it could work. Adding, it is free to use.

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6. HPSTR:  Hipster Wallpaper

Hipster Wallpaper


Hipster wallpaper app works under the notion of “when simple is not enough”. Now let me tell you how this app works and I will make sure that after reading this you will be rushing to it. First, you are to select a picture from the app category which would be provided to you directly from the images of Reddit, 500px and Unsplashed. You actually would be provided with the classes of which you will choose. The next exciting step which is not provided by any other app is that you can crop or filter the picture however you want. And now the picture is ready to be set as wallpaper. Although it’s free version provides you with plenty of features to toss around, but paid version has a whole new world. Now your device is cooler then it was apparently. Hipster wallpaper is number six on the list of best wallpaper apps for android.

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5. Zedge Ringtone and Wallpaper:

Zedge Ringtone and Wallpaper

This app is trusted by millions of users and owns a trade mark of its own. Although this app has uncountable regular users still this app makes million more sales every month. All you need in any app is versatility and regularity.

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4. Tapet:


This app is spreading a trend that is gaining popularity. It does not provide you with original wallpapers. In fact, it makes you draw a pattern or what so ever you like and then modify it according to your choice or how the company offers you. It also provides you with the liberty to choose a pattern of your choice, and then you are provided with various wallpapers you can choose from. Interestingly, these wallpapers are generated by the app at the spot. This app is supported by Muzei. More patterns are added by the developer.

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3. Plastexo:

wallpaper apps for android

This app has best wallpapers for Android for those who are interested in minimalist designs. It also does not offer more than 110 models. But as “the lesser, the better” this app is among the best. Plastic has different categories and has portrait and landscape wallpapers too. You will love this app, and it is at number three in the list of best wallpaper apps for android.

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2. Wallmax:


Wallmax app provides you with millions of readily available apps. Although it is not much popular till now, it is gaining popularity. This app mainly uses material design. It also provides you wallpaper categories based upon resolution.

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1. Shake Them All:

Shake Them All

Shake Them All is number one in the list of best wallpaper apps for Android, and this app is the most fun. As its live wallpapers act how you deal with your cell phone. By shaking and tapping your device the characters or the background will also move. Although this consumes battery, it is worth it.

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List of Top 13 Wallpaper Apps For Android

1Shake Them All
5Zedge Ringtone and Wallpaper
6Hipster Wallpaper
7MTP Ringtone and Wallpapers
8Muzei Live Wallpaper
10Backgrounds HD
11Cool Wallpapers HD
13500 FirePaper


Final Words

Above mentioned list is developed by keeping the interest of the users under observation. Do try these apps and let us know. Now you don’t need to search wallpapers on Google, Instagram and other sources by Installing above best wallpaper apps for Android you will get awesome wallpapers that will enhance your user experience and customize your phone and tablet easily on one click.