Some people will find it tough for them to sit idle and pass free periods without their ears covered with headphones. Here we have listed top 15 android best music apps. You can download these android apps and enjoy it. There was a time when there were issues regarding privacy, unavailability of smart computing devices, particularly mobile. The high rates of electronic gadgets and tech were another impediment. However, nowadays nothing ceases us to access what we want and cheer and what is loved by the folks, crazy for music. Entertainment, music and tech are today inevitable for each other; they need each other. There are now streaming services with large stream servers with gigabytes of data hosted for the visitors, but the scope of free audio apps, streaming the music is never dropped. Android, over the years, has been proving X-Factor for the listeners with its ever-increasing family of music downloaders. There are now thousands of free and paid music apps which will help you to enjoy your working, bore and free moments. We have handpicked some of the best yet not final available in Google Play. Scroll the list you will be helped!

Here is the List of Top 15 Android Best Music Apps

15. Jango Radio

jango radio android best music apps

Jango is at number fifteen on the list of top 15 android best music apps. Jango is music wildcard for the listeners and music lovers. Both big names and artists are sponsored by the service. Contrary to it, like the Jango is not free for independent artists thus providing service with a source of revenue to remains open for the many. The app has all the typical and salient features that a free application would have. Search by Artist name, album name, genre, shuffle repeat, popular, explore, stations and so on and so forth.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

14. GTunes

GTunes android best music apps

GTune is at number fourteen on the list of top 15 android best music apps. GTunes is also a worth mention because of its smooth streaming and some new clutter free player. The answer to your why for the app may be New Year, New app…. Trying something new shouldn’t be a bad idea. Direct music downloads to the micro memories, i.e. SD Cards, Add-free content, quick search and easy listening, etc. may also be convincing as well.


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13. Blur Music Player

Blur Music Download android best music apps

Ease of search simplified playing, easy downloads and overall ease of usage and simplicity are the joy given by Blur. You can find it right if you are sick of the typical and sophisticated music downloaders and looking for a change.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

12.Napster Music

Napster Music is an ad free Android App. you can enjoy your favorite music free for 30 days. After the 30 days trial period, you have to pay a reasonable amount for the premium version of the Napster Music Player. The App is one of the best 15 Android, music Apps. Download the app now from the Google Play Store

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

11. Anghami

Anghami android best music apps

Anghami is a region-specific application targeting Middle-Eastern listeners and catering to their classic and fancy choices. Similar to Google Play Anghami is surely going to take you to some best Arabic music, of course, fresh and contemporary too. The service is not add-free but won’t bother you much in genuinely enjoying the real Arab taste. The free and premium version of the app is available for the Arab and non-Arab audiences to enjoy a library of million.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

10.Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi songs

Wynk Music android best music apps

You must have heard of Wynk if you are an Indian, interested in Indian Music or most probably an Airtel customer. The free music app for Android is a product of Indian National GSM Operator. Simple and easy app with more than 1.8 million songs, offering music streams from some great South Asian Musicians and singers, complementing their great work. You can also enjoy international music; however, the app suits and caters to the interest of local listeners. Already a customer of Airtel…? You will pay nothing except the regular data charges to access the best of Bollywood.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

9. Music Maniac

Music Maniac android best music apps

Music Maniac is another free of cost product for everyone. The light and the smart app doesn’t take much space on your Android phones and tablets. All the free content and creative commons are undoubtedly hosted by the techies behind its development and release. Everything you download goes to the external storage making a user-friendly agreement. The app is fast and smart for smartphones, and it is android best music app.


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8.Free Mp3 Downloads

Free Mp3 Downloads android best music apps

Fetch and get the best free music provided with a stable internet connection. There are tons of downloads available for the Copyleft for free content. The best part is that application is entirely free for listening and downloading. You can listen, shuffle and repeat, etc. whatever you are going for in the simple but handy music player. The application also supports multiple downloads.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

7. MP3 Music Downloader

Mp3 Music Downloader android best music apps

A download service as well as a music player, visitors of the app can find a high number of legal mp3 stuff free with zero restrictions. Mp3 Music Downloader is on number seven from the list of top 15 android best music apps. The app is simple, free and efficient for the user. The built-in download manager of the app lets you download multiple numbers of music files while pausing and resuming downloads. MP3 music downloader also has its web browser to search and download the stuff easily, so it’s justifiably a music search engine and all in one package.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

6. RockMyRun

RockMyRun Best Workout Music android best music apps

RockMyRun will surely rock the people who are passionate towards workout and are even fans of some best remixes. The Offline Playback, caching, downloading are some of the salient features delivering you the DJ-mixed tunes and lyrics during your workouts.

Beside the best workout music, you may also use the myBeat feature to automatically shuffle the music beats and scroll the playlists to find what suits you. Rock my run secure number six position from the list of top 15 android best music apps.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

5. Palco MP3

Palco MP3 android best music apps

Palco MP3 is on number five from the list of top 15 android best music apps. The B of BRIC is also a booming and emerging industry of independent musicians, unsung artists and rising vocals. A profile of as much as 100,000 artists singing a wider range of Latin and international genres is a unique and pretty significant thing. Palco allows you to stream stations, search playlists, set favorites and download them all into your smartphones to experience independent artists independently. Get Samba, hip hop, nova, Electronica et al.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

4. Google Play Music

Google Play Music android best music apps

Google Play Music is undoubtedly the Google of music. The music marketplace fascinates the Android users more than any other app. The out-of-copyright music, unsigned artists, emerging labels with a variety of songs are available for listening and downloads. Music player sponsored is one of the best Android music players offered to the date. Google play music is on number four from the list of top 15 android best music apps.  You can upload as much as 50,000 songs of your own to its drive to enjoy the easy listening so you can merge your personal catalogue and online content of the service. The app is available in both free and paid versions. After getting the premium account, you will unlock the YouTube, Red, on-demand playback and much more. Podcasts are also offered for both versions.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

3. 4shared

4shared android best music apps

The enormous library of the 4shared gives you the albums and tracks from every possible music genre in the world – there is nothing you will not find here. The swift search and quick filtering of the mp3 files from the massive databases have been made easy by the developers. The offline listening is supported by a 15 GB 4shared cloud folder for the downloaded music, and one can also create one’s playlists by adding tunes of his/her choice.

The old-school interface is entirely convincing for the older Android versions letting the users find new, old, gold and whatever they are looking for.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

2.SoundCloud and Soundloader for SoundCloud

Soundcloud and Soundloader for Soundcloud android best music apps

SoundCloud and Soundloader for SoundCloud are two separate apps by different developers. Starting with SoundCloud, it is a must recommend thing (official product of SoundCloud) for the audiences waiting for some good and varied music. The music service is free for now; however, possibilities of a subscription fee are under consideration and can be introduced in 2016. The music streaming is a powerhouse of music and at the time boasts more than 125 million tracks; you will never listen to them all in your whole life. The big music cloud offers to its free subscribers loads of music and hundreds of thousands of tracks. The giantess of the cloud can be realized from the fact that by every minute or so 12 hours of audio is being uploaded and getting hosted by the service. Sound cloud is on number two from the list of top 15 android best music apps. SoundCloud is a great promoter of independent labels and underground artists.

The online streaming service attracts more than 175 million unique visits every month. The fact is enough to prove that there won’t be anyone who doesn’t know or know little about it. Sound Loader by gruebelTech only works as a great downloading accessory for the Sound cloud. Through it, you can start downloading your favorite files after a wait of few seconds.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps

1. Deezer

Deezer android best music apps

Deezer is at number one on the list of top 15 android best music apps. Deezer has been serving the listeners for quite a while now. The free version is also available and thus more than economical; however, it only lets you use limited features like FLOW feature for discovering new artists, mixes (based on personal taste) and enjoying your favorite playlists. For paying $9.99/month, you will have a reach to unlimited playlist creation, lyric fetching, and mixes (based on individual artists). The premium subscription introduces some more feasts for listeners, i.e. higher quality audio, offline listening, Auto support, etc. The app is quite amazing; however, the only weak point it has is being rough around the edges.

google-play Top 10 Best Android Fun Christmas Apps


So that was all we chose for you Android Best Music Apps for Android – a nutshell. Enclosing almost everything available in the Android market was hard. All the apps are free if you want them to remain charge-free but can be subscribed for up gradation. The premium and enterprise versions of Deezer are more fascinating and entertaining.

Tune Music Downloader and there are lists not mentioned here. So, that was all from us, feel free to share with us what you think should be on the list. We will update it for you. Started here…? In a hurry! Bookmark this Edition (2017) for a future read.

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