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The E-Mail is the Shawshank Redemption of the technological world. Despite it being years that the technology came into our hands, it remains the most accessible and primary form of communication used in this world of cloud storage, social media, and cutesy apps. It is predicted that the year 2020, the world will see over 250 billion emails sent in a single day, every day. Most of them are sent and will forward from your Android smartphones. So, let’s look at some of the best Android email apps that you can choose from.

9. K-9 Mail


A free and accessible email apps that have stayed faithful to its roots even during the interface upheavals of bigger email chains. It may not be the Beyoncé of emailing, but it gets the job done with little resource usage. You still get options like signatures, email flagging, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) software keeping it safe and a multi-folder syncing option that keeps up with the current data dark times. It is one of the oldest and seemingly functioning apps on Google Play with open source code since back in October 2008.

Google play Top 9 Best Android Email Apps

8.Yahoo Mail – Stay Organized!

yahoo mail

Yahoo Mail is a great emailing app especially if you are an avid user of the service for years as I have been. It may not be best of the best Android email apps out there but for millions of Yahoo Mail users, it makes thinks so much easier. You have the ability just to read the news along with checking your daily email. The main feature is, of course, the syncing of Yahoo’s other features with the app.

Google play Top 9 Best Android Email Apps

7. MyMail—Free Email Application


What myMail does, the best in providing an email service are the fluent interface as well as a laundry list of protocols with which you can receive your email? The service supports all the major mailing services like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and what not. The features include email filters with flagging as well as email threading. The avatars for contacts also show which is also an eye-catching feature.

Google play Top 9 Best Android Email Apps

6. Gmail


If you are a Gmail user like the billion others on the planet than the app for the service will do just fine. Despite being a manufacturer’s app, Gmail represents all the qualities to become one of the best Android email apps. The design is very appealing, and the app comes with latest Android system optimizations every time there is an update. Now you can even use multiple accounts and attach Microsoft Office files. With the support for other Google services like Google Drive and Google Now, it is the perfect app for you if you are okay with using stock.

Google play Top 9 Best Android Email Apps

5. Email Exchange + by Mailwise

email exchange by mailwise

The biggest feature that Mailwise offers is getting rid of that unnecessary clutter in your emails. It is a perfect exchanging app as the format changed to conversation threads rather than the standard emailing style. That ups the readability of emails significantly by removing redundant pleasantries and signatures from the conversation. The app was initially just for Microsoft Exchange, but the app now supports other emailing clients as well, so you are covered on that front too.

Google play Top 9 Best Android Email Apps

4. CloudMagic Email & Calendar

cloudmagic email calendar

As the name suggests, Cloud Magic is for app geeks that have a lot of work on third-party cloud services. The mainstay of this service that makes it one of the best Android email apps is its integration with other essential tools. For example, you can sync your email with the calendar with its Evernote and To do list Integration. Similarly, you can import stuff and save your emails to services like Wunderlist, OmniFocus, and others to make your workflow even smoother.

Google play Top 9 Best Android Email Apps

3. Mail.Ru – Email App

mailru email app

Mail.Ru is an emailing app that has gone below the radar and impressed millions of people with its simplistic design and filtering options. On the service, you may think it to be rather unremarkable and an older version of another emailing client but do not be deceived by its simple looks. The app allows you to sign in with multiple accounts, and there is an option for the advanced search that lets you pinpoint certain things in your inbox or sent items right off the bat. One the email filter fronts there are features you have a built-in spam filter as well as a notification and bookmarking feature. If the best Android email apps are the one with the most optimal set of features, you have got it in Mail.Ru.

Google play Top 9 Best Android Email Apps

2. Nine – Outlook for Android

nine outlook for android

As the name suggests, Nine – Exchange is an app that deals with the Microsoft Exchange, but it does so much more. Apart from its ability to cut out the clutter in exchange messages, it also has a decent set of features regarding the emailing itself to complement its primary service. Servers like Outlook, Office 365 and Hotmail are just some of the few that you have access to apart from Microsoft using this app. The best thing about this app, however, is the fact that is snappy and responsive with a very attractive design.

Google play Top 9 Best Android Email Apps

1. Email TypeApp – Best Mail App!

email typeapp best mail app

The typeapp emailing app, aka Blue Mail, is an app that will change the way you use your mailing account. The reason it is on top of the best Android email apps is that it brings resourcefulness, nice interface and unique features in free and fantastic app package. There is support for all your major mailing clients like Hotmail, Gmail, AOl, Yahoo. The thing that sets apart from other apps and makes it the highest rated are the excellent features. Like the ability to send time-delayed emails, quiet hours for no notifications and smart clustering of redundant email messaging to name a few. There are also different themes, printing options as well as cool emailing signatures. Just try it. It does live up to the hype.

Google play Top 9 Best Android Email Apps

Final Word’s

Sending and receiving the email from smartphones becomes the norm instead of specialty like it used to be some six years ago. Now almost every place has a Wi-Fi or a mobile data service which has rendered having to open up a laptop or a desktop PC useless. Just whip out your phone and sift through your daily emails with one of the best Android email apps we have compiled for you.

Below are the list of Top 9 Best Android Email Apps

1 Email TypeApp
2 Nine
3 Mail.Ru
4 CloudMagic Email
5 Email Exchange
6 Gmail
7 MyMail
8 Yahoo Mail
9 K-9 Mail