You are not living in the social networking world of 2016 if you are not familiar with the concept of dating apps. Trying to find that perfect someone becomes increasingly difficult because most people are reduced to their ratings on apps. The technological era has led to isolation on computer and smartphone screens and the easiest way to get to know people is through socializing apps that specialize in dating. These apps also make it for people to find people instantly to hang out with even if you are not particularly looking to date the person. The 9 Most Popular Dating Apps are those that won’t let you go out on Valentine’s Day or your New Year’s Eve party alone.

9. Match™ Dating – Meet Singles

Match Dating 9 Most Popular Dating Apps is a freemium service of the site on Android and iOS. You can get the basic matchmaking experience with the free app, but you will have to get the subscription with the site to get some additional features like who checked out your profile and liked your pictures. It starts off with any basic dating app with you making a profile, uploading pictures and writing a short bio. You can flirt online with virtual “winks” and if they accept you have a match. You also get new games delivered to your daily.

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8. CMB Free Dating App

CMB Free Dating Apps 9 Most Popular Dating Apps

Coffee Meets Bagel brings you one single event every day that is prepared using mutual friends of your friends on Facebook. That’s the way the match is someone who you have something to talk about with, and the app takes your preferences into account over time. You can decide whether to like or pass the match within the next 24-hour window when you get another game. If both matches like each other, the app opens up a private chat room for both to get to know each other or plan a date. Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the 9 Most Popular Dating Apps because it emphasizes on quality over quantity.

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7. POF Free Dating App

POF Free Dating App 9 Most Popular Dating Apps

PlentyOfFish or POF is a Most Popular Dating App which is quite popular across many smartphone platforms. The app is pretty simple, but the advantage of going on POF is that it has over 70 million members from which you can choose one. You just need to set up a relatively simple profile with a picture, age, profession, and education. You can then find potential matches and message them. The paid version has chat heads, VOIP calling, and even Instagram uploads.

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6. OkCupid Dating

OkCupid Dating 9 Most Popular Dating Apps

OkCupid Dating does an impressive job of matching people up in a way that gets it to be one of the Most Popular Dating Apps. This app doesn’t just make a game with your profile and gets done like others. It keeps refining your searches to come up with new flavors, such as Mustache Lovers, Travelers, etc. The app also comes with a messaging tool where you can send the message to a potential match. The flavor thing achieved by the app taking personality quizzes and even uploading Instagram pictures are possible.

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5. Adventurely

Adventurely 9 Most Popular Dating Apps

Adventure is so much more than just a matchmaking the app where you get to meet people who have the same tastes as you. Adventure is one of the best dating apps that lets you choose places that you would want to visit like landmarks, museums, restaurants, favorite lake or even paths and then makes an itinerary out of it. You can also specify your free time to go to these places. The app then takes your info and matches you with like-minded people who would like to go to same places as you. Adventure gets you out of the house on an adventure and ability to get a hangout buddy meanwhile. Who knows romantic relationship may also bud a new.

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4. Tastebuds – Music Chat and Dating

Tastebuds Music Chat an Dating 9 Most Popular Dating Apps

Tastebuds is a matchmaker that finds your potential dates depending on the type of music you like. Believe it or not, music can be a great icebreaker to discuss when you are getting to know someone. The app lets you choose your favorite artists and also accesses you Facebook and iTunes to tailor your music profile. You can obviously choose which artists not to display, like people not wanting others to know that they like a song from Justin Bieber. There are other questions about music. We put Tastebuds on number four in the list of most popular dating apps. Tastebuds app then matches you to people closest to your music taste and lets you message so that you can flirt or set up a date.

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3. Tinder

Tinder 9 Most Popular Dating Apps

Tinder became famous for its simple snap decision dating system making it one of the 9 Most Popular Dating Apps. What you do is create a simple profile of one or two sentences and some pictures. It shows you people in your area, and if you like someone just swipes right and if you don’t you can swipe left. If both people swipe right then, you can begin exchanging messages. The app also allows GIF was messaging, liking chats and also the ability to upload pic straight from your phone camera.

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2. Badoo – Meet New People

Badoo Meet New People 9 Most Popular Dating Apps

Badoo is a relatively popular app for meeting new people based on location and profiling. On its face, it is a social networking app that connects nearby people for various reasons, but it is a great app even if one solely uses it for dating purpose. We put Badoo on number two in the list of most popular dating apps. The nearby section of the app will let you see bubbles of profiles of other people. The good thing about this app is that you can look at people who liked your profile alone and also confirm the person’s identity with, with a selfie request.

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1. SCORE – The Ultimate Matchmaker

SCORE The Ultimate Matchmaker 9 Most Popular Dating Apps

The score is as much of a dating app as it is a fun game for finding out your compatibility with other people. It keeps your image blurred to the other person and vice versa. It lets you add personal information and up to four images including the profile picture. You will have to answer a bunch of fun compatibility questions in the category of your choosing to unlock the profile. If two or more of your answers out of the five-match you get to open the person and their image and information is no longer blurred; effectively ‘Scoring’ that person. It is one of the best Most Popular Dating App solely based on the fun compatibility idea.

download app from play store 9 Most Popular Dating AppsTop Rated Best Most Popular Dating Apps

1SCORE – The Ultimate Matchmaker
2Badoo – Meet New People
4Tastebuds – Music Chat and Dating
6OkCupid Dating
7POF Free Dating App
8CMB Free Dating App
9Match™ Dating – Meet Singles

Final Words

We have chosen the most popular dating apps that should they make it on your screen, will provide a worthwhile experience.