Best Android Radio Apps
Best Android Radio Apps

In this day of advanced Information Technology, there are various ways that one can get their hands on their favorite music. There used to radio, back in the day that was the popular choice. Then we got vinyl records, eight-track players, and cassette players. From there the evolution of CD’s came and now there isn’t even a physical medium apart from the cloud storage that one needs to listen to music. Even with all these technological advancements, radio has been a resolute constant that has stood the test of time. Not everybody has the time to sort their playlists in their busy daily schedules. Most just like to tune into the radio in their car to listen to music, news, sports commentary, and talk shows. Luckily, now there are tons of apps that make the radio experience wholesome on smartphones. We have selected best Android radio apps for you below that you can enjoy on your latest or even old school Android model.

9. Google Play Music

google play music

Google Play Music is a very useful app and it one the best Android radio app for playing music and listening to the music on the radio. Google play music especially handy for those who like to use other Google services as it provides proper syncing with your playlists and the things you tend to purchase. The free version is more than adequate for playing the radio, but if you want extra with customizable playlists and online music streaming, then you can upgrade to the paid version.

google-play Top 9 Best Android Radio Apps Users
8. SiriusXM


SiriusXM is a big game changer in the satellite radio world because of its plethora of channels. There are over 150 channels that include sports, news and music channels to choose from. You can listen to your favorite music channels on radio channels and bookmark them for quick access. Various packages are depending on the amount of content you want, and there is also a free one. The abundance of options makes it one of the best radio apps out there with ease.

google-play Top 9 Best Android Radio Apps Users

7. Slacker Radio

slacker radio

Slacker Radio is a lot like Pandora in many ways, and the app is steadily catching up to its rival regarding popularity. Slacker Radio is at number seven in the list of best Android radio apps. It employs a somewhat similar algorithm based mechanic to figure out what your personal docking station is going to be like. Every time you vote up a song, add an artist to your favorites or add in some other factors like popularity, some releases, etc. you get a fine-tuned radio station tailored to your needs.

google-play Top 9 Best Android Radio Apps Users

6. TuneIn Radio

tunein radio

TuneIn Radio’s majestic ability is the unusual number of stations and podcasts it has in its repertoire. There are millions of podcasts and over 100,000 radio stations available to be explored. Listening to your favorite songs, sports matches, and news updates were never easier. The free version is pretty stable, but with the paid subscription it sets the world alight from other so called best android radio app. You have the ability to tune into your favorite sports league live, listen to audiobooks and have the uninterrupted transmission with zero advertisements.

google-play Top 9 Best Android Radio Apps Users

5. Pandora® Radio

pandora radio

The seamless internet radio service of Pandora is not the only reason that the app has become so popular amongst the list of best Android radio apps. Pandora is perfect for those who like personal touch with their docking stations. You put a name of artists and App will create your radio station that adheres to your taste. Its customizability is also one of its charms.

google-play Top 9 Best Android Radio Apps Users

4. Spotify Music

spotify music

With a massive music database of Spotify, it is a no-brainer why the app has done so well to be one of the best radio apps on Android. With service apps like Pandora and Slacker Radio that are cheaper or free, Spotify has also matched their approach. Spotify lets you recommends songs or playlists depending on your taste. Spotify praised for its ability to get the major new hits the fastest in its inventory because of the developers’ good relations with many artists.

google-play Top 9 Best Android Radio Apps Users

3. XiiaLive™ – Internet Radio

xiialive internet radio

Just like TuneIn, XiiaLive also comes in with a hearty selection of over 50,000 radio stations to choose. XiiaLive is the hot choice of thousands of people among the list of best Android radio apps. You also get the ability to customize your favorite options like in others, but it is the additional set of features that sets it apart from its counterparts. There are numerous themes, filters, an equalizer, Bluetooth option and a feature where you can even put in a URL of a radio station to play it over the internet.

google-play Top 9 Best Android Radio Apps Users

2. iHeartRadio Free Music & Radio

iheartradio free music radio

If you want a radio app that is truly a complete package, then you can’t go wrong with iHeartRadio. The best about this app is that it is entirely free. You have a large selection of music stations, live radio shows and podcasts to choose from. There is an option of on-demand content which could factor in as in-app-purchases. Even without that, you can set your favorite stations, playlists and even have the ability to use in on your Android Wear. There is also Auto and Chromecast support. What else could you need but a cold beer?

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1. Radio Online – PCRADIO

radio online pcradio

Radio Online gets you pleasantly acquainted with the radio world using your internet connection that other best Android radio apps cannot match. There is a vast selection of thousands of stations to choose from that include music, news, sports updates and much more. You also get access to radio talk shows and podcasts. The best thing about this app is that it also allows FM and AM stations to pick up, so you are not left high and dry with there is no internet. There are some additional features in the paid version, but the free version will keep you company just fine.

google-play Top 9 Best Android Radio Apps Users

Final Words

Technology is ever evolving, and there will be a time where you might be listening to the radio on a TV set while watching the video feed of another channel. Whatever happens, radio is going to stay so getting to know some of the best Android radio apps in the Android market may prove to be worth the time.

Here is a List of Top 10 Best Android Radio Apps


Radio Online – PCRADIO


iHeartRadio Free Music & Radio


XiiaLive™ – Internet Radio


Spotify Music


Pandora® Radio


TuneIn Radio


Slacker Radio




Google Play Music