Smartphones are useful for so many things. One of the less common use of Smartphones is for documents digitization. It’s very helpful for things like scanning forms into PDF format, scanning receipts for taxes, and even examining a filled-out form for email. You are undoubtedly here because you fit into one of those use cases. Don’t be Worry; we are here to provide you help. We are going to give you a list of top seven document scanner Android apps

Top Seven Document Scanner Android Apps


CamScanner is well-known and well-loved and is available for free for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. CamScanner is easy to use, directly scans any document to PDF and performs OCR to lift out important bits like dates, titles, prices and details on your scanned documents. Multi-page or batch scanning is a breeze, and all of your files are neatly managed for later retrieval.
CamScanner will also auto-crop and “improve” scanned images, like sketches and drawings. You can also annotate your scans with notes and highlight, and save your documents to the cloud to access on other devices.
You can download CamScanner App from Google Play Store free of cost or in paid version which gets you extra features like editable OCR, more cloud storage space, auto syncing to other services like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and password protection for your shared PDF documents.

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Google Drive

To scan and keep the record of napkins, important receipts and notes and sketches on the whiteboard may be the tool used for this purpose has already been using by some people for productivity. Google Drive’s apps for Android lets you scan documents and even perform OCR (optical character recognition) on text in the documents you want to scan.
We emphasized the feature when it launched, and while to the iOS version of Google Drive, the same quality hasn’t made its way yet, you can still manage snapshots or photos of documents efficiently, then convert them to PDF later from another device.
If you have an Android device though, it’s simple, easy, and likely already on your phone or tablet—all you have to do is open Drive, tap “Add New,” and select “Scan.” Google Drive is available free on all platforms, and your scans are perfectly saved both on your mobile and in your Google Drive account for retrieve later. Google Drive is at number two in our list of top seven document scanner Android apps.

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Document Scanner

Document Scanner has a cool feature of all in one scanning arrangement. It has a significant portion of the fundamental elements like PDF conversion, filtering, OCR support, scanning and others. In any case, it additionally incorporates a QR code scanner and picture bolster. Along these lines, you can utilize this to examine anything.

It even has an element to turn on a spotlight in a low-light condition. It’s certainly one of the all the more intense document scanner applications. That is exactly how these things function.  Document Scanner is at number three in our list top seven document scanner Android apps, and it is available on the Google Play Store in both free and paid version for the Android users.

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Genius Scan

Genius Scan is one of the most popular document scanner apps on Play Store. It supports the key components for document scanning, sharing and conversion. It also brags the features to enhance the scanning of things like whiteboards, school notes and other items that could be helpful when digitized.

Like Fast Scanner, these developers also have a different app for faxing if you need to do that. Otherwise, it’s a reliable free/paid option, available on the Google Play Store and is at number four in our list of top seven document scanner Android Apps.

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Simple Scan

Simple Scan is a simple and one of the favorite PDF document scanners and is at number five in our list of top seven document scanner Android apps. In Simple Scan, scans save as PDF or JPEG files. You just scan them in and share the scanned files as needed. The app also brags several image processing modes, five levels of comparisons for clearer and regular scans, and a secure password lock on relevant documents.

It’s not as much bloated as some of the extensive offerings. However, it is one of the best document scanner apps available for quick scanning and sharing. The Simple Scan can be found on the Google Play Store for Android users in both, free and paid versions.

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Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner is one of the favorite and reliable scanner apps. You’ll find the typical features in the majority. That includes JPEG and PDF support, document scanning, and some editing functions. Fast Scanner also supports the feature of cloud printing.

In case you need to fax the documents, the developer has a fax sending app that works. The Fast Scanner app is available in both free and paid versions and is at number six on our list of top seven document scanner Android apps.

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Clear Scanner

Clear Scanner is one of the popular document scanning apps and is a lightweight and efficient app for document scanning. It brags actual and fast processing speeds as well as provides cloud support for Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

The file converting options include PDF and JPEG depending on your choice. Some other features include editing options, organization features, and more. Clear Scanner is at number seven in our list of top seven document scanner Android apps and can download from Plays Store in both free or paid versions.

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These were the top seven document scanner Android apps for the android users. You can scan your documents to save them as a PDF or JPEG file by downloading any of these apps from Google Play Store. Share this useful information with your friends and colleagues.