Wifi Analyzer

In the current era, two renowned operating systems are most frequently used in the market that are Android and IOS. But we will talk about the Android operating system and its crucial mobile applications that make your activities easy to handle. Let’s move towards those applications that effectively make your device efficient.

Free Wifi Hotspot Portable

The very first and important mobile application is Portable wifi Hotspot that handles all your problems related to internet access. This app supports 3G, 4G, and even 5G and provides an easiest and fastest internet speed. Moreover, you can make any type of change in your hotspot like name, password, and you can even kick out any unnecessary device that illegally uses your hotspot.

Wifi Analyzer

After this, another necessary mobile application comes that is Wifi Analyzer which helps you to find out your nearest wifi channel that is a less crowded channel. Here are many admirable traits of this application is that it offers an authentic and fully secure path to get internet access. Besides, Wifi Analyzer also provides you with all nearest wifi hotspots and their signal strength and suggests the best one for you.

Omni VPN

Sometimes you are looking for authentic, secure and free VPN that unlock your thousands of favorite websites. The uniqueness of this Android software is that it requires no username, no bandwidth limitation and no password. It offers 100 percent free, unlimited, and fastest VPN that bypass various location restrictions, censorships and internet filters.

Fast Share

According to my point of view, a mobile without having any sharing application is not acceptable. In the daily routines, we have to share various types of data to others. For this purpose, you should have a Fast Share mobile app in a device that allows users to share music, files, and any other type of data with fast speed. Some sharing applications don’t allow users to share music playlists, but with Fast Share app, you can share anything.

File Explorer

Its time to describe the File Explorer app that manages all operations related to various types of data. This application provides an easy interface through which users can easily copy, cut, and rename their data according to their requirement. Furthermore, you can even sort out data size-wise, date wise and name wise.

All the above-described applications are the best utility apps for the Android operating system. People can download software as mentioned above from the Google Play Store and App Store freely.