Video to Audio Converter

With the help of Video to mp3 converter application, you can now convert all kind of your favorite videos to MP3 format. The best feature of this mp3 converter is its ability to produce high quality mp3 files. All you need to do is to choose video from sd card or choose from video list and then press the convert button that will begin the process of automatic conversion of the video into MP3. It will take some time and depends on the volume of the video.

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Video to mp3 converter App can easily extract audio from your video files. Extract high-quality mp3 songs using this powerful application. Easily convert your video into MP3.

You can listen to high-quality mp3 songs on your phone by converting your video songs to mp3 songs and other files. Video to MP3 Converter is the best MP3 Video Converter for Android. It’s simple, powerful, and this app is FREE. With this great video to mp3 converter, you can extract music from your favorite videos and set as ringtone. It is the easiest-to-use official videos to mp3.

With MP3 Converter, you can open the video you want to convert from the file manager and complete the action using convert the videos to MP3 and make clip tunes.

Step by step instructions
1) Choose Video that you want to convert
2) Choose audio format
3) Press “Convert” button

* Simple user interface
* Fast video conversion
* This App Supports different video formats including WMV, MP4, 3gp, Flv, Avi etc.
* Integrated MP3 cutter for making ringtone.
* Fast video cutter for cutting video files quickly.
* One tap to play music files

Video to MP3 Converter uses LGPL FFmpeg and libmp3lame libraries as codec