weatherbug app

You probably already know that taking care of yourself is important and that healthy eating habits and exercise are vital. But did you know that the weather can affect your health as well? Here are some ways that the weather can play a substantial role in your well-being and today we are providing a review on WeatherBug app so you can get updated about the weather.

Tackle the Sniffles the Right Way

The sniffles can be a sign of many things, from the debilitating flu to allergies. You never know, right? Unless you have an iPhone or Android. Weather apps on either smartphone can tell you the prevalence of the flu in your area and alert you to changes to pollen count. This can help you tackle your sniffles at the source.

Flu and Bad Weather Go Together

Scientists aren’t sure why this happens, but inclement weather correlates to a spike in cold and flu incidents. Getting caught in the rain or a nasty change in the weather can land you with a nasty cold, or worse. Lucky for you, you can download a free weather radar app that can keep you from getting caught off-guard.

Car Accidents Are No Joke

Bad weather leads to less than ideal road conditions, which can lead to a greater risk of getting into an accident. Downloading an iPhone or Android weather app can ensure that you avoid getting on the road during peak storm time.

Traffic Stress Is Bad for You

Your weather app will allow you to prepare for potential traffic. If you cannot avoid getting on the road during inclement weather, you can at least be extra careful. A well-placed phone call to work or loved ones can keep you from stressing out about running late and will allow you to focus on keeping yourself, and any passengers in your car, safe.

The weather can be unpredictable, but a good weather app can help protect your health.

You can get alerted notification regarding weather and get updated on the current weather of your area.

WeatherBug app is providing detail report of weather for up to 10 days forecast; the main thing is that this app is giving real-time traffic conditions that will make you the accurate detail of weather. WeatherBug have more than one million downloads and having 4.4 rating that is excellent, and this app is listed as top developer on google play

You can check wind speed, UI Index, weather observation too and use Hurricane Centre you can track hurricane weather using satellite and radar.


  • You can check Local conditions
  • It supports Multi Language
  • Temperature Units: Fahrenheit (F), Celsius (C)
  • Wind Units: MPH, KPH, Knots and MPS
  • Pressure Units: Inches and millibars