WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-stage portable informing application which permits you to trade messages without paying for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is accessible for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, those telephones would all be able to message each other! Since WhatsApp Messenger utilizes the same web information arrange for that you use for email and web searching; there is no expense to message and stay in contact with your companions. Using WhatsApp, you send each other boundless pictures, video and sound media messages.

WhatsApp Messenger (iPhone / Android) gives you a chance to visit for nothing with any other person who possesses the application and offers a couple of additional valuable elements to make content informing and for more fun. With this visit application introduced on your cell phone, you’ll spare a minimal expenditure on content charges through your bearer and crosswise over stages. The main catch is that you’ll need to induce your most successive messaging mates to download the application, as well, yet once they see WhatsApp’s focal points, they’ll likely try it out.

WhatsApp Messenger Review

WhatsApp Messenger Review

WhatsApp Messenger was as of late obtained by Facebook, keeping in mind that doesn’t mean a significant change to the application soon; it makes me think about how Facebook arrangements to utilize it. WhatsApp is as of now unfathomably prevalent around the globe, so any news about changes to the application will be observed nearly. Should we anticipate that WhatsApp will proceed in its present structure close by Facebook’s particular separate informing application or will Facebook’s putting forth all of a sudden have the same elements, as WhatsApp rides off into the dusk? It’s difficult to know as of now, yet return here for more data and an upgraded survey when any new Facebook visit application gets to be accessible.

Like iMessage for iOS, WhatsApp Messenger demonstrates your visits in little content air pockets, gives you a period stamp for messages, advises you when content has been seen by your beneficiary and gives you a chance to incorporate photographs, sound notes, and recordings of your discussions. Be that as it may, with WhatsApp Messenger you can likewise change your experience and send your GPS area to an intuitive guide. You can utilize premade away notes, for example, “I’m busy” or “available” or even “My battery is about to die,” and you can square particular contacts from inside the application. You likewise can undoubtedly send a companion’s contact data to another client without leaving the application. In this way, while the application is not a wide margin in front of other informing applications, there are some decent additional components here.

  • Get more information on your messages
  • Conversation shortcuts
  • Mute groups
  • WhatsApp web
  • Broadcast lists
  • Starred messages
  • Mark as unread
  • Chatsim

WhatsApp Messenger Pros


Tremendous worldwide client base. Dispenses with a requirement for a messaging arrangement. Encoded informing. Bunch informing apparatuses. Voice calling. Underpins media connections. Cunning desktop app. Speedy setup and execution; Lets you keep your telephone number; Clean interface; Can send sight and sound; No global charges; Can piece/unblock contacts

WhatsApp Messenger Verdict


WhatsApp Messenger, a prevalent cross-stage content informing elective, lets your content and talk utilizing just an information arrangement. Be that as it may, it’s inclination inelegant notwithstanding rising rivalry.

WhatsApp Messenger