YGOPRO Android

A small company developed an alternate and gave that a name YGOPRO Android. You should check it out; it will blow my mind. Let’s have some familiarity with YGOPRO first. YGOPRO is an online free automated dueling system for the YO-Gi-Oh card game. This game contains ALL cards in the paper card game and brings it to you for FREE!!  All card effects, counters, life points, etc. are handled by the system. The game also includes extra features like costume background and costume card skins.

YO-Gi-Oh Game Review


Online gaming is now very popular, especially among the youngsters. The trend of online gaming started in 2002 when the world championship of YO-Gi-Oh card game held in the NEW York City for the first time. YO-Gi-Oh is the card game from Japan and is the most popular card game playing online. Some years before gamer had to face many problems during the online gaming like crashing server during the game etc. people wanted to download the YO-Gi-Oh game, but it did not available for download.


YGOPRO did not develop by a huge company. Not a huge amount of money involved in the development of the YGOPRO. YGOPRO did not create the by the company of YO-Gi-Oh card game. In fact, YGOPRO Android is developed by a small business. These people knew that online gamers love and are crazy about YO-Gi-Oh, but they were unable to download YO-Gi-oh to play in offline mode. The made the replica of YO-Gi-Oh in the form of YGOPRO.

Let us tell you all the features which YGOPRO Android includes in it. The game playing is superb and Includes every single card you can play with. It includes an impressive multiplayer feature so, you can play into on two modes and one on one mode just like the online game. You can say it is better because you can download it free. You can change the background images. It gives you a customize interface so, you can make shifts in the interface according to your wish and need. You have all the cards of YO-Gi-Oh in it. YGOPRO Android is as good as the real one. You don’t need to spend the money of 100 $ on a real card. This is better than the original. You can have tournaments with your friends. Now having this as our way to get enjoying. YGOPRO is the reason ECONOMY stopped to make DS games.

YGOPRO Versions.

YGOPRO Versions

YGOPRO Android has become very popular among youngsters. The release of different versions for different platform shows the popularity of the YGOPRO. It was first developed for the online users in a website version. The very first version got success to get the attention of the online users. After that YGOPRO released for different platforms in many versions. All the versions kept updated on a yearly basis.

YGOPRO has released the following versions

  • Website
  • Translating
  • Al Beta Version
  • Ranked Server Via Checkmate
  • Linux Version
  • Mac Version
  • Android Version

Android Version

YGOPRO has brought good news for the Android users with the release of YGOPRO Android version. Android users can enjoy the YGOPRO Android by installing it on their mobile phones.

Installation of YGOPRO Android

To install YGOPRO Android version on your cell phones, some steps has to follow as it is not installing from the Google Play Store so, certain measures are necessary to comply.

System Requirement

First of all, check out your system’s specification. The required system specification is

  • Internal storage 300MB min.
  • 30 MB for APK.
  • 300MB for card images and other assets.
  • Display 480 x 320 min.
  • Android 4.1 to 7.0.


The latest version of YGOPRO Android can be found on the website. You just have to download the APK file from the download page. If you are the new one and have not installed the YGOPRO Android before then, you have to download the card images file as well as the APK file to install YGOPRO Android.

Card Images

YGOPRO is a large size app only the card images take the space of 300MB. To avoid this large space consumption on every update card images are not stored in the APK file, separate OBB files used for this purpose.



The OBB files are placed in a folder created in the internal storage of the device. YGOPRO Android searches the files in 2 locations.

[Root folder]/ygopro/

[Root folder]/Android/obb/co.ygopro.android/

With USB cable connect your mobile with the computer and browse one the folder of your choice. If it does not exist, then you should create it by yourself. Copy the OBB file in one of the folders, and the result will be like

[Root folder]/ygopro/ main.4.co.ygopro.ygoproandroid.obb

The OBB file needs to copy once. For installing updates only, the patch OBB files and APK are needed.


APK File

By connecting your mobile phone to the computer using the USB cable, you can put the APK file on your cell phone. For this, you should allow your cell phone is sideloading. Sideloading is the process in which, you let your cell phone download the application from an external source rather than Google Play Store. You download the APK from YGOPRO website by scanning the bar-code.

Find out the YGOPRO APK file by using the file manager and tap on it. The permission box appears with an install button. Allow the permissions and install the app. Now you can start the YGOPRO Android by taping the dual disc icon on your mobile phone and enjoy the YGOPRO Android.

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